Different Types Of Roofing Materials

You might be building a new house and need a roof for it, or thinking of replacing the existing roof on your home or commercial property. Like most people, if you are looking into a new roof now, you have probably not done so in a long time. You should know that there are a lot more roofing options nowadays than there used to be a while back.  There are roofing materials that have changed very little in decades and even centuries such as slate and wood shakes, but now there are other options to be considered such as extremely popular asphalt composite shingles, fiberglass, fiber cement, concrete, and plastic polymer. We give your home the advantage you’ve been looking for with durable and energy-efficient roofing systems, here is Advantage Construction. Some of the reasons that more roofing options have been introduced into the market have to do with people looking for better durability, easier installation, affordability, and other things that just make life better for the builders and those who will enjoy the roof in question. Saying that one type of roofing material is better than the rest is not really as easy as that because each one has its own particular set of benefits and disadvantages; you have to consider each one to find the right one for your particular home, commercial building, or other property. At JAGG Premium Roof Systems can help and they understand that image matters a lot. It’s because of this that we have an assortment of metal shingle roof solutions that boast of the unmistakable charm of wood, slate or tile, but with the sheer durability and pocket-friendly price tag of metal. For a commercial establishment where appearance counts so much, we got the right metal roofing solution.

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Things To Consider

A lot of people who replace their home’s old rook simply choose to replace the old roofing material with the same type of material, but this is a missed opportunity to upgrade to something better. Sure, you already know that such material worked for you in the past, but you should consider other options because there might be something better out there for your particular needs. Of course, the cost is usually the primary factor for most people when it comes to choosing a roof for their home because money does not grow on trees, but another very important thing to consider is what type of weather that your roof will have to sustain. After all, your roof’s main function is to protect you, your loved ones, and everything inside your house from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, high winds, storms, and more. The roofing professionals, such as Jensen Exteriors, that you choose to hire can advise you about what roofing materials are best for the weather in your particular area. Another thing to consider is your roof’s slope. A roof, s slope is determined by the ratio of how much it rises over a horizontal distance (also called a “run.”) As any experienced roofer would tell you, most shingles, tiles, and roofing slate material can be used on roofs with a slope that rises 4 inches per 12-inch run or just a bit more; but if a roof is low or flat-pitched, roofing materials that are seamless must be used in order to avoid leaks.

The Appearance Of Your Roof Is Important

Of course, we all want our homes or other properties to look as visually appealing as possible and this is something that factors into consideration when people are looking to build a new roof or replace an old one. You will want the color and texture of the roofing material that you choose to be compatible with your home’s style so that it adds to its beauty and style. If you like the way Spanish tiles look but your home does not have a Spanish, Italian, or Mediterranean style, you might want to reconsider that choice. Likewise, you would not want to put wood shingles on a Spanish-style house because it just would not work. If you are not sure about the roofing materials that would be best for your particular home when it comes to style, a roofing expert can help. You should also know that nowadays some materials can mimic others, so you will have more choices than others did years ago. For example, metal and concrete can be made to resemble tile or wood. The color of the roofing material that you choose will affect its appearance too, but you should choose light tones in hot climates and dark tones in colder climates in order to take advantage of the sun and lower your heating and cooling costs.

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The Right Roofing Company

The right roofing company for your home’s new roof should have considerable experience, ensuring that they do a great job. Make sure to do as much research as you can before choosing, and look for comments and reviews from past customers.