The Alesis sample pad 4 trigger is an electronic drum with having pad sample instruments. It is specially designed for professional musicians and percussionists and is quite similar to a typical laptop or computer. It has four sensible size rubber pads in the inbuilt system. The two pads are present on the square, and another two are presented as a raised bar. However, many typical Alesis sample pad 4 electronic drummers are available in the market people can use it in their beginning days for learning.

Moreover, people can use it in both places while recording music in the studio for doing a live concert. The most significant factor is to look at the unit price. People can afford it easily without paying too much cost. Basically, one can use this instrument at the place of drums.


The Alesis sample pad 4 looks very classy and compatible. It is made from the metal casting with four rubber pads, set upon the two square corners, which is large. Another two is attached to the raised bars, which are small.

Yes, ultimately, the pad itself is made from the rubber and has a duel trigger input system. These have also come with the lights in LED sensor under the parts which make it more attractive. The instrument is convenient and best for playing in a live concert or live recording.

Simple pads!

These sample pads are quite similar to the Alesis sample pad pro drum music instrument which is used as drum. Moreover, this is very convenient and responsive to play, but it does not give high-end pads sensitivity. In samplepad4, you will get too large pads and the two small ones, which helps you hit the tip of your stick. Another is usually used to hit the shoulder of your drumstick.

Sound systems!

There are two outputs out there you can connect with the sample pad 4 at the one time. People can also attach their own set of headphones for monitoring them with this instrument. The musician will get quite a decent sound quality, and it is generally what every person expects from their sample pads.

One can play different sound by using the samples-

We can use the loop mode to hitting a pad. This will starts a simple continuous loop in your music.

  • If you want to start and stop the music, then the mono mode is best for you. It will start hitting a pad and will stop the sample and start it again.

  • In the poly mode, there are multiple samples out there at the same time that can be triggered as well.

  • In the system, you can stop the current example of music and share it with the other one over it.

Therefore, some samples have a library of sound and music, but the great thing about the system. It has SD card slots to customize your songs and sound systems. People can choose the one from their wish list.


To summarize this article, we have many features about some significant aspects of the Alesis sample pad4, which most people use at the drum’s place in initiating days of their music career. These are the best instruments for live concerts and perfect for the studio while recording music as well.