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Water Monitoring Kit Stems Cost Flow at Teesside Hotel

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.02.54A Teesside hotel with more than 100 years of history has invested in cutting-edge water monitoring equipment in a bid to reduce its soaring utility costs and improve its environmental footprint.

Established in 1896, the Best Western Parkmore Hotel and Leisure Club in Eaglescliffe caters for up to 100 guests at a time and spends £103,564 a year on utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Water bills account for more than 19.6% of that cost – a figure that has risen steadily in recent years as the business has grown and the number of visitors to the hotel has increased.

Now Jeremy and Louise Leeds, who took over the running of Parkmore in 2007, have invested in a state-of-the-art water monitoring kit after seeking advice from cost management firm Great Annual Savings Group.

The system allows the hotel to measure the amount of water used at any given time, evaluate which parts of the business are using the most water, and monitor any sudden or irregular outflows which could indicate a leak. Jeremy and Louise can now use the data to implement changes that could potentially save them thousands of pounds each year.

The equipment also monitors electricity and gas usage, which allows users to see if they are getting value for money from their current suppliers.

Jeremy said: “Water accounts for £20,365 or 19.6% of our utility bills and over the year that amounts to a considerable outlay. Since working with Great Annual Savings Group and installing the new kit, we’ve become aware of several areas of the business that are using excessive or unnecessary amounts of water, which we had no way of knowing previously.

“With GAS on board as a trusted partner, we can save money, improve our quality systems and become more environmentally compliant without taking our focus away from running the hotel.”

Established in 2012, Great Annual Savings Group works with businesses across many sectors to reduce their variable costs and save money in a range of areas including energy procurement, energy and water cost management, fire safety, telecoms and insurance.

Steve Tostdevine, Parkmore account manager at Great Annual Savings Group, said: “We have already helped Parkmore to make significant savings via changes to their electricity and gas contracts and their investment in the water monitoring kit will further reduce their overall utility costs. Increasingly businesses are becoming savvy about the need to control their variable costs, which in turn makes them much more efficient and profitable.”

Parkmore’s investment in the new kit comes after research revealed the extent to which unnecessary utility costs are harming industry. According to utilities firm Demeter, 76% of business premises suffer from water loss or excessive water consumption – resulting in average losses of more than £10,000 a year. That equates to 40% of a company’s total water consumption.

For further information about Great Annual Savings Group, visit www.greatannualsavings.com.

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