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We’re Going to Have to Get Used to Caravanning for a Little While Yet

As much as we would love nothing more than to get back to normality as we knew it pre-COVID, the reality is that it looks as though we are still nowhere near the end of these uncertain times. The coronavirus isn’t going anywhere until either herd immunity is reached, which would likely result in hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United Kingdom, or a vaccine is produced.

A vaccine may or may not be on the horizon but, even if one is classed as safe for use, there is still the matter of producing enough to vaccinate millions of people and distributing it. That takes time so, until that point, holidays abroad look set to be a pipe dream for at least the next 12 months (possibly longer).

We are just going to have to get used to caravanning and learning to love it.

If You Have Never Been Caravanning

If you have never been on a caravan holiday before, you might just be pleasantly surprised. While the UK may not be your destination of choice in the search for summer sun or a winter getaway, you should not forget that the country has many beautiful landmarks to take in. While you may not get the warm temperatures akin to the Caribbean, especially in the North East of England, there is still so much to enjoy.

Caravanning is a favourite pastime for many and, if you have never tried it, now is as good a time as any to give it a go. It’s much cheaper than paying out for flights, hotel and everything else that comes as part of the package, as well as the fact you won’t be forced to quarantine when you come home or chase refunds due to a cancelled holiday.

If You Are No Stranger to Caravanning

For those that have been on a caravanning holiday already, now is the time to introduce family and friends to one of your favourite hobbies. If you have been in their ear for the past few years, trying to tempt them into ditching all-inclusive package holidays for towing a caravan down the motorway, now is the time to show them what they have been missing out on.

They will be looking to you to guide the way and that means showing them how to have fun on a caravan park to some of the more mundane tasks such as hitching up and uncoupling your caravan. Get it right and you may just convert your guest to the caravan life, never looking back – even once COVID has passed.

What Does the Winter Hold?

At the time of writing, and we suspect by the time you come to reading this, the winter looks pretty bleak with little to feel positive about. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he expects social restrictions to remain in place for six months, taking us up to the one-year mark from when the country was first plunged into lockdown in an attempt to suppress the virus.

It all looks so uncertain and it is pointless trying to second-guess what will happen next, which is why we won’t. What we do know is that we should look to take any freedom and opportunity that we do have because we have endured some torrid months and we are about to endure many more yet.

While we dream of better times and warmer climates without the need for worrying about social distancing, we can make the most of discovering the country in which we live. The caravan, although a far cry from that all-inclusive five-star Barbados resort, may just be the escape that you need during this pandemic.

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