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What Alternative Energy Sources Are Available?


Apr 20, 2019

As we realise the impact we have on the planet, more and more consumers and businesses are looking to alternative energy sources to go green. What sources are available though, and what advantages and drawbacks do they have?


Hydrogen energy is a zero-emission energy source that only produces water vapour when it is used. It’s also a more efficient energy source and increases the number of miles that can be driven by an automobile. This energy source is so safe that the vapour it does produce can be made into drinkable water.


Tidal energy is a way to produce climate-friendly emissions that do not affect the ecosystem and could create emission savings within five years of use. Tidal power is also a predictable source because tides move with the rotation of the Earth and the influence of the moon. A tidal energy plant will continually operate for over 50 years without any worries of a catastrophic meltdown with very little need of fast-moving water.

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Geothermal energy is an entirely renewable source that doesn’t deplete the planet of its resources and causes very little to no pollution. This energy source works by taking hot water from underground to produce steam which causes a turbine to spin and create electricity.Then,the steam goes into a cooling tower and is converted back to water before it’s returned underground to start the process over again. The only drawback is the expense of getting the machine up and running.


Solar power is a way to extract energy from solar panels that are configured to take the sun’s rays and funnel them into generators that produce energy. One benefit of solar power is that if there is a disruption in weather, such as a storm that causes the power to go out, the power cell will renew energy or resume giving you energy as long as there is power in it. In some countries, there are also solar investment tax credits and used diesel generators from FW Power.

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Nuclear power offers the lowest amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared to other major power plants. It also delivers a very high energy output without costing a lot of money after the initial costs of production, which are expensive, have been covered. One downside of nuclear power plants are the catastrophic possibilities that come with a reactor meltdown.

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