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What are the top 10 essential DIY tools to have at home?

ByDave Stopher

Nov 4, 2021 #Business

Shorter days, colder weather and darker nights make even the most adventurous people want to stay indoors. So, at this time of year, it’s the perfect time to tackle those do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that keep getting put on the backburner. Whether you’re experienced at DIY or an enthusiastic amateur, there are several tools that you will need to finish a job: from small garden renovations to constructing shelving units.

Any tool hire website should has a range of tools available to hire, including popular items that are perfect for DIY projects. So, if you are looking for DIY tool hire, what are the top 10 essential DIY tools to have at home?

We have created a top 10 list of useful tools you will need to create perfect paving, terrific tiling or a garden that is the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Circular saw

A circular saw or cutquik saw can cut through wood, concrete and metal. It’s a fantastic tool as it can be used on a variety of projects in the home or in the garden. A circular saw is a powerful but lightweight tool that allows you to make precise and controlled cuts on a range of materials.


If you have been pruning an overgrown tree in the garden, what do you do with all the bits you have cut down? A garden shredder makes light work of the trimmings, turning large pieces of wood into woodchip. It reduces garden waste to a more manageable size. If you are looking to clear a site, but do not wish to buy a garden shredder, a tool hire website should have garden shredder hire options available.

Hand tools

Do you require small power tools and small hand tools? For example, have you been searching online for the best power tools to buy or hire, or have you Googled small tool hire in Scotland? Don’t worry. We have you covered. For example, people often confuse drill drivers and combi drills. A drill driver drives screws and drills holes into materials/surfaces, such as wood and laminate. A combi drill can do that too, but it can also drill into steel, masonry, and concrete. Drill drivers and combi drills are popular power tools and are a great addition to any toolbox.

Nail gun

If you are working with wood and have lots of nails to hammer in, consider using a nail gun. Perfect for carpentry and roofing projects, a nail gun is powered by compressed air. Nail guns take all the strain out of hammering.

Paint stripper

An electric paint stripper, or heat gun, is an excellent alternative to traditional chemical or blowlamp paint removal techniques. Using an adjustable temperature airflow, paint and varnishes can be safely removed without scorching. Put down that scraper!


Make smooth work of stubborn surfaces. Looking for a sander? Don’t know which one you need? As the name suggests, a palm sander is small and compact. It’s the kind of sander you need if you are finishing small projects or decorating, for example. A belt sander is great for larger timber projects whilst an orbital sander is ideal if you are not concerned about the grain direction on the surface you are sanding. However, beware, an orbital sander does create an awful lot of dust. Finally, there are drum sanders and edging sanders, which are designed for large surface areas, such as wooden floors. A drum sander works on soft and hardwood flooring, including tongue and groove, parquet, and block. An edging sander complements a standard drum sander and can get into edges of a floor, to sand confined and tricky spaces, such as cupboards and wardrobes, before varnishing or staining.

Tile cutter

Looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? A tool hire operator has a range of tile cutters available to hire. Tile cutters work by scoring a ceramic tile, which enables the resultant line of weakness to be broken. If you have a lot of tiles to trim to size and if you need accurately cut tiles over and over again, a tile cutter is an absolute must.

Cleaning equipment

Would you like to clean your patio or does your flooring need a good clean? Power washers and steam cleaners are popular pieces of kit. Whether you need cleaning equipment for home or professional use, power washers leave your patios, paths and porches sparkling clean.

Lawn care

As we embrace the last few days of autumn, it’s the perfect time to give your lawn some last-minute loving care before the winter months arrive. Aerating your lawn even once can have a huge impact on your grass. In fact, aerating your lawn is essential if you want to have a garden that looks green and healthy. Aerate your lawn with a scarifier when the grass is growing, either in late spring or autumn. Scarifying your lawn will improve the nutrients in the grass and promote good grass growth long-term. But have you also thought about whether you require a rotavator? A light duty garden tiller will cultivate compacted soil in gardens, vegetable patches, borders, and allotments.

Plate compactor

A plate compactor is also known as a whacker plate. It’s a vital piece of kit if you would like to create a new driveway or patio. A plate compactor can compact asphalt and sub-base. A plate compactor/whacker plate is different to a rammer. A rammer compacts the ground using impact force. A compactor vibrates, settling the substrate below.

If you are looking for DIY tool hire, and would like to hire a garden shredder, or small tools, tool hire websites should have a large portfolio of tools and equipment available to hire.

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