When you have an aesthetic in mind, it is easier to select your home’s different details. Sometimes, however, what you may have in mind may not be the best choice in the long-run. Thus, when selecting your home flooring, you should pay attention to durability, longevity, and maintenance requirements.

The perfect choice of flooring depends on how you want your home’s interiors to look and how dedicated you are to maintaining them.

Should You Opt for Stone Flooring?

The natural beauty of stone flooring cannot be paralleled. Usually, stone floor patterns and grains are one of a kind, making every home look unique. Stone floor tiles are durable and simple to maintain. Hence, they are often a popular choice for homes. For those who prefer a natural and rustic aesthetic for their houses, stone flooring is a popular option.

What Type of Stone Floor Tiles Should You Pick?

When it comes to selecting stone tiles, you will have numerous options to choose from. While all of them are similar in durability, longevity, and maintenance, each type provides a different finish, leading to people leaving one way or the other. Some popular options are:


Elegant and classic marble flooring is perhaps the most famous type of stone flooring out there. It has been around for centuries and is quite versatile. From soft hues of white and cream to more daring greens, reds, and even blacks, marble flooring offers various aesthetics.

They have natural patterns that accentuate their beauty, and their polished sheen can make any area look upscale. When opting for marble flooring, keep in mind that polished marbles are slippery when wet, which is why most people do not opt for marble flooring in their kitchen or the bathroom.

Honed marble can be used for such areas since they have more surface texture, although it does not have the same sheen and depth of colour as polished marbles. Marble stone floor tiles are softer natural stones; hence, they may be prone to scratches and stains. After the marble flooring is inlaid, professional sealing is required to maintain its beauty.


Naturally soft and porous, Limestone flooring requires professional sealing after it has been inlaid. However, it is available in various styles and colours, which may satisfy all of your interior décor ideas. Limestone is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily as well.

If you prefer a rustic look, unpolished limestone can give your home a rough feel. Prefer a more elegant and classic style? Fret not. Polished limestone lends grandeur to your home. Limestone may also be used to give your home the illusion of hardwood flooring. It is quite versatile, which makes it a popular choice.


Usually preferred for bathrooms or areas scrubbed regularly, porcelain tiles have a beauty of their own. Porcelain is resistant to frost and can even be frost-proof. Hence, they can be a good choice of flooring for outdoor areas.

This type of natural stone floor tiles is durable and resistant to stain as well. It can endure harsh cleaning agents and is resistant to scratches as well. Porcelain is available in various styles and patterns, and it can even be used to mimic hardwood floors or other types of flooring.


Formed under extreme pressure, granite is an igneous rock that can be an excellent flooring choice. It is a hard and durable stone resistant to scratching, staining, and most other damages. It is available in a variety of colours and can be found locally in most places.

Thus, it is also an inexpensive stone flooring option as local sellers offer a reduced price, and you can avoid shipping costs as well.


Since slate is a sedimentary rock that forms in layers, it is easy to cut it into tiles and stones. It is stain-resistant and can be used for both wet and dry parts of your home.

To provide a rough and rustic feel to your home, you can use unpolished stains. However, slate can be a little more challenging to maintain than other natural stone flooring tile options since denser slate tiles are prone to “spalling” or chipping.

When you want a natural look for your home, there are various options that you can choose from. Natural store flooring options are not only easy to maintain, but they can make your home appear more elegant. You do not have to stick to one style when it comes to stone flooring options; different areas can have various flooring options to give your home an eclectic feel.