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What Escape Rooms are there around Hartlepool and how good are they with friends and family?

What Escape Rooms are there around Hartlepool and how good are they with friends and family?

Escape rooms have become a popular pastime in recent years, challenging groups to solve clues, puzzles and cryptic problems to make their way free from a themed room before the clock runs out. Luckily for those in the Hartlepool area, there are several different types of escape rooms to choose from, all offering a unique experience for friends and family.

Escape Room Hartlepool

Located on Navigation Point in the heart of Hartlepool, Escape Room Hartlepool offers two different experiences and a variety of challenges for groups of up to six people. The first game, “The Curse of the Dragon Queen”, tasks players with solving the mystery of a missing adventurer who was believed to have uncovered the location of a legendary dragon queen’s treasure hoard. The second game, “The Heist”, puts players in the role of master thieves attempting to steal a priceless diamond from a secure vault.

Escape Room Hartlepool has received high praise for the attention to detail in their puzzles, as well as the immersive set designs which create an authentic atmosphere for the players. The escape rooms are also flexible in terms of difficulty, with adjustable settings to accommodate both experienced puzzle enthusiasts and those new to the genre. With friendly and accommodating staff, Escape Room Hartlepool is a great choice for a fun and challenging day out.


Located in the nearby town of Bishop Auckland, Cluedini boasts a wide variety of escape rooms, all of which are suitable for families and friends with children as young as eight years old. Their selection of rooms includes “The Roman Way”, which challenges players to escape from a Roman villa before Mount Vesuvius erupts, and “Mystery at the Mansion”, which pits players against a family of eccentric aristocrats while they attempt to locate a priceless painting. Cluedini also offers a unique augmented reality game called “Phobia”, where players use a mobile device to navigate a virtual maze while attempting to avoid their worst fears.

Cluedini takes pride in their family-friendly approach to escape rooms and works hard to ensure that all participants have a positive experience. The games are created with a focus on teamwork and communication, allowing everyone to have a role in solving the puzzles. Cluedini also offers party packages, making it an ideal choice for birthdays or other special occasions.

Escape from Wonderland

Located in the Market Town of Guisborough, Escape from Wonderland offers two escape rooms inspired by the classic Lewis Carroll storybook “Alice in Wonderland”. In “Curiouser and Curiouser”, players must solve riddles and puzzles to prove their worth to the White Rabbit and earn the opportunity to meet Alice. In “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”, players are summoned to Hatter’s whimsical tea party, but soon discover the Mad Hatter has disappeared, and they need to find him before time runs out.

Escape from Wonderland is praised for their intricate set design, with each room featuring several custom-built elements inspired by the story. The escape rooms are designed to challenge players of all skill levels, and the clever puzzles keep everyone engaged throughout the gameplay. The staff is friendly and accommodating, making for a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Final thoughts

No matter which of these escape rooms you choose, you’re sure to have an exciting and challenging time with friends and family. The games are perfect for team-building exercises, special occasions, or just a fun day out. All three of these options are highly rated by those who have experienced them, providing an exciting day out for families, groups of friends or work colleagues.

Ultimately, the best escape room for you will depend on the type of experience you are looking for, as well as your group’s skill level and interests. Whatever your choice, you can be assured of a memorable adventure that will leave you eager to experience the next challenge.

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