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What is Bollard – A Complete Knowledge Of Bollard:-


Nov 15, 2020

Bollard is a vertical, short post creating a protective or architectural perimeter. When they are installed, to control traffic and mark boundaries. Architectural elements are available in many varieties of shapes and designs. TKOBollards can be constructed to physically block the vehicle’s entry, to protect property and people. The post is designed for safety and to match the landscape, but their main consideration is resistance to any force. Bollard can be made from any material, depending on their function, but commonly it is made of metal, cement, plastic, and stone.

Uses of Bollard:-

Bollard post is used by architecture and planners to manage pedestrians as well as to control traffic of vehicles, to secure and protect buildings and people, and providing bike parking.

Traffic Line Or Street Bollards:-

Traffic bollards are used to manage traffic towards particular areas while making sure to clear sight-lines and permit pedestrians to access. They direct the way to cars by creating roadways and prevent access to a restricted area like a traffic island, bike lane, public place. Sometimes bollard is used with other traffic methods, or a one-way lane to manage vehicles from avoiding other traffic management elements.

Pedestrian Bollards:-

In many properties and places, designed bollards are used to indicate particular pedestrian areas. A sequence of bollards near a building may indicate its boundaries of architectural beauty. Boundaries can also be made around parks or playgrounds, permitting easy access but preventing them from being used as a throughway. When chains are attached with bollards they limit the pedestrian to walk on a marked path, without any close barrier that avoids all crossing. Bollards with decorative lights fitted on the pedestrian pathway. Solar power is now frequently used to light up bollards, as every unit works on its own without slight maintenance.

Constructions Bollards:-

On the roadway construction area, temporarily they put posts for the safety of the work area from traffic. They are made of flexible, bright-colored, plastic ringed in reflective tape, and fixed removable rubber bases. They are normally placed close to each other, to give an edge to the traffic of the area.

Security Bollards:-

They are evident indicators to pedestrians and traffic but are made to resist vehicle impact. These are mostly made of steel and filled with concrete they are decorated with an excellent finish. The local substrate and installation are necessary for the impact of resistance. Different uses have different needs for impact resistance.

Protecting People:-

Safety bollards are installed in front of buildings to reduce damage in case of an accident. They aren’t designed with an idea that there will be an attack against them, so they are specified with steel pipes of suggested diameter filled with concrete. They are installed around historical architectures close to traffic to avoid accidents.


Bollards play an important role as devices for traffic management and accessible boundaries, they play an important role in increasing livability and also improving public places. They don’t need any such cleaning agents which are harmful to the environment and they are also of low maintenance.

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