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What Is Cryptocurrency and What Benefits Does It Have?

Cryptocurrency is the new special form of virtual assets and is used for trading and getting profits. 

We can say that now there are plenty of people who are interested in trading crypto but if we compare this amount to the general population, we will see that crypto can be more popular.

Yes, we haven’t seen this crypto fame. 

Below I will list the factors that people like in using crypto coins.


  • Anonymity 


If you hold crypto, no one will know how much you hold, who you are, where you are from. By the way, sending and receiving crypto is absolutely anonymous as well.


  • Fees


If you deposit, withdraw or send crypto to the BTC wallet, you will need to pay fees. And they are lower than bank fees. That is why it is faster, easier, and cheaper to make crypto payments than usual ones.


  • Speed


As I told you before, crypto operations are faster than common payments. 


  • No geographical limits


You can crypto to any country in the world and receive it as well. And the fees are the same and don’t depend on your geographical point.


  • Crypto trading


About this feature, we will talk later but I need to say now that people who succeed in crypto trading are very lucky because for some of them it can be much more than just the additional source of money.

Okay, above I listed the most popular reasons for the cryptocurrency fame we see now.

And this is time to talk more about crypto trading because the percentage of people who trade is more than the one of people who just hold.

There are two common ways of crypto trading:

  1. Using your own experience and market analysis.
  2. Using crypto trading signals that are made by professional traders.

You understand that only professional traders with five or more years of experience can get profit after using the first method.

And because the crypto field has 70% of newcomers, the second method is used very often.

As I told you before, crypto signals are cryptocurrency predictions about the changes in crypto assets prices made by professional traders.

There are a lot of channels that post crypto predictions for different exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, etc that are made by this or that software development company.

If you are going to work with such a channel, spend some time checking and reviewing all the aspects of this channel so as not to be the victim of scammers. 

Good luck!

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