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What Is Orthokeratology And Ortho-K? Is It Safe? 

ByDarshan Shah

Jan 11, 2019 #health

Orthokeratology is a treatment through which you will get rid of wearing glasses and will be able to see near object clearly. As a reason, a lot of people are suffering from myopia and ortho-k works as a temporary treatment but it is worth considering. Even professionals recommended this treatment for children who are facing myopia and short-sightedness. You will definitely find positive results here because it is a process which will not cause pain.

Generally, immediate solutions have observed and viewed to all the patient who undergoes the process of ortho-K. one needs to keep the customized contact lens overnight for better result and functioning. Wearing a contact lens is very common because if you take proper care, then you can use it for a longer time. If you are suffering from myopia or hypermetropia then it is important for you to approach a profession eye braces and care for proper guidance and results.

Why ortho-k?

Considering ortho-k because it is a safe procedure which will not harm your eyes. You just need to consult with your professionals and they will provide you the guidance to wear a customized contact lens. Though, it is mostly considered by those individuals who don’t want to undergo laser treatment and don’t want to wear glasses. It is also beneficial for you if you love swimming because it is safe in water sports activity too.

Uses of ortho-k

When you will wear ortho-k then you need to be attentive enough because if you will disbalance lens then it will become difficult for you to view clearly. After wearing this lens, you need to sleep because it takes overnight time to reshape the cornea. In all the aspects, the option of using customized lens is beneficial because it will not cause any harm to your eyes. It is also safe for children and for any age people who is suffering from myopia.

The procedure of ortho-k treatment

If you are comfortable wearing it at night, then you can also go for it. In this procedure, there is no need for a surgical procedure because, with the guidance of a professional, you can use ortho-K anytime. Also, there is some patient who goes for laser-surgery in order to cure myopia and short-sightedness’ problem but by wearing ortho-K, there is no requirement to consider the surgery.

Another benefit of choosing orthokeratology and ortho-K is that it is a pain-free option for you and will not disbalance your budget because once you have purchased these lenses, then you can use them for a longer time period as you can use these lenses at least for six months duration or for a year.

The last verdict

No matter you have a high budget or a low budget, you can easily go through choosing ortho-k because it is a painless treatment and not cost you too much. Also, all the important information about using and applying these lens has discussed above which will become beneficial for you to acknowledge everything about ortho-k.

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