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What jobs can you do with a tourism management degree?

When it comes to pursuing a degree in tourism management, you might wonder what comes next. It’s a tough industry to find work in, though not due to the lack of opportunity. Often, it’s the sheer scale of competition that can make it hard for you to find the space that you need in the industry. The other problem is that, with so many industries utilising tourism management staff, you might not be 100% sure where to begin your search!

This is why it is recommended that you take a look at some of the best roles you can choose from and pursue travel and tourism management degree credentials. With a tourism management degree, the following jobs could be open to you in the future.

Tour Manager

While this might seem like an obvious option, a tourism management degree could help you become the lead practitioner of tours. It could be for famous indoor or outdoor locations or it could be for a tour-based facility. You will find that this is an enjoyable role, but one that is all about being detail-oriented and paying attention to the tour participants as much as the tour content.

Resort Manager

Another role that tourism management degrees could help you get into could be that of a resort manager. Working in resort management can give you a good chance to work as part of the staff to help analyse, manage, and advertise the resort in the right way. It’s a very enjoyable job and one that would be very good for testing your leadership credentials.

Property Manager

Another place that could be useful for you to apply for with your tourism management degree is in property management. While it might not be exactly what you intended, it’s a job title that is often taken up by people in your position. The job role of a property manager would require you to sell exclusive property or manage timeshare rents for people. It’s a fun and diverse way to make a living and comes with high expectations and standards.

It is advised that you research extensively about where you want to work, if you intend to get into property management.

Tourist Supervisor

If you want to be out there and get involved in the tourism side of things hands-on, you could easily land the role of a tourist supervisor. From gathering information and working out what the best parts of the local area are for an advertisement to creating travel boards, managing budgets, and even maintaining records, you will be responsible for everything. You could have a lot to do if you wish to get involved in the tourist supervisory function– it is, indeed, a hands-on role!

What industry do you feel would be the best-suited for your needs? 

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