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What to bet on coming out of Lockdown

ByDave Stopher

Jul 6, 2020 #Gaming, #Sports

With lockdown slowly but surely being rescinded for most of us, life can gradually return to normal. And while we might not be going clubbing or going to gigs anytime soon, something we can do once again is place some bets. Bookmakers have been online, but those who prefer visiting a local bookmaker should be able to start doing so again in the near future in some parts of the world. What, though, should you be betting on as lockdown comes to an end?

What’s going to be on the table for you to go and bet on?


Many soccer leagues are still running, and this means that you have ample opportunity to make up for lost time. You will find some pretty interesting leagues still going on, with many title races still not yet wrapped up and many soccer leagues, especially in Europe, still competing for both titles and relegation.

As such, you should have no problem finding a soccer game to play a bet on as you first intended.


Many boxing matches are expected to come back to the big screen soon, too. You should have no problem in placing some boxing bets in the near future as we begin to see a return to the wonderful world of boxing betting. Many fights are scheduled for the near future, making it easy for you to find a game to go and bet on if you would like to put your money where your mouth is.


Tennis events at both ATP and WTA level are expected to return in the near future, too. With lockdown slowly but surely ending in many parts of the world, tennis is expected to grow its audience again and get competing major tournaments back on the TV. Be sure to look out for this, then, as we move into an era where you might see some pretty big match-ups.

Many players have no played for months, so you definitely consider betting on some underdogs1


Many racing sports such as Moto GP and Formula 1 racing are returning now, and this should make it easy for you to find a way to go and place a bet without issue. Racing is a hard thing to get right due to the sheer competitive nature of the sport, but you can soon return to placing bets on it as and when you are willing. Who will you back? Ferrari or McLaren? Honda or Suzuki?

Horse Racing

Another popular sport to go and bet on at the moment would be horse racing. Many racing tracks are opening back up so you should have no problem at all in going and enjoying some fun via horse racing. You should also be able to bet online with ease, making sure that you can enjoy some fun and engaging horse racing without any uncertainty.

So, where will you start first? What will be your first bet on https://kabaddibet.com/?

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