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What to Bring from Venice as a Souvenir?

To find out where a person has been during his life, you can just sit with a cup of tea in his kitchen: numerous magnets on the refrigerator will tell about his travels no worse than the owner. Many people buy such souvenirs as visual evidence of their travels — here, the items are an elementary list of cities and countries. Of course, when going on a trip with free walking tours Venice and making such purchases, you should not forget about your relatives and friends, but you should also think about souvenirs for your soul. So, below will be listed items that will remind you of an unforgettable trip to Venice!

The Best Souvenirs from Venice

The most popular commodity in Venice is carnival masks. When buying such things, it is necessary to consider their future fate. Masks that will be used for their intended purpose are made of papier-mâché. The same products that will decorate the collection are usually porcelain or ceramic. The price policy will depend on the material used. The most popular masks are Pierrot, Columbine, Harlequin, and Cat. Most shops specializing in the sale of masks are located in the center of Venice. You can also pick up a suitable carnival costume here.

Taking a walk through the evening city, hardly anyone can resist a visit to a store whose window shines like a jewelry store. For this reason, there is a peak of trade in Venice in the evening. Once inside any of the shops, anyone will find a gift for their soul, choosing mirrors, bracelets, necklaces, perfume bottles, vases, and various plates, made of the famous Murano glass by professional Italian glassblowers. To buy copies of antique jewelry or jewelry made of many small beads, you will have to fork out decently.

When getting acquainted with the charming and cheerful gondolier, you will definitely want to get elements of his clothes in your wardrobe. Appearing in front of friends on New Year’s Eve in a striped T-shirt, neckerchief, and hat with ribbons, the prize for the best carnival costume will be secured! You can visit shoe shops and inexpensive outlets, choosing unusual shoes with original design solutions.

Parting with such a souvenir will not be an easy task. The products of Hand-made cosmetics shops attract visitors with their extraordinary aroma. Imagine how happy your friends will be with a present in the form of a natural bar soap, which is a head of cheese and consists of chocolate and vanilla? And from freshly prepared masks, creams, and lotions, packed in elegant bottles, it is unlikely that anyone will refuse!

A wonderful souvenir from Venice will be a stationary item made in the style of antiquity. A velvet case with a feather pen inside or a leather box with embossed stamp paper and envelopes will look very intriguing.

Who does not know about the famous Venetian tapestries? Reproductions of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, images of panoramic views of Venice, still lives, and marine themes will decorate any room and create a truly Venetian style. By contacting the artists who display their works along the banks of the canals, you can get your portrait made against the background of the cityscape and show it to all your friends and acquaintances.

Venice is a city, a pleasant reminder of which can serve as any purchase made at street benches and sales trays. Buy everything your heart desires here!

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