Accidents happen when it is least expected. If patients lose possession of their Medicare Card, what should be the next line of action? Are they condemned to beginning the process of registration afresh? We shall be letting our readers know what is expected of them if they lose possession of their all-important Health Care Card.

A Simple Phone Call

When you find yourself in the embarrassing situation of loss of your card, what you are expected to do is to make a simple phone call to the Medicare helpline or your Medicare agent and the issues will be resolved. The fact remains that they have your records and by simply answering the security questions that you used in registering, you are as good as getting your card back. Simply make the toll free call to this number: 1-800-633-4227.

Alternatively, you can log unto my account and you will be able to resolve the issues. The advantage here boils on the fact that you can order a replacement card directly through the portal. Where your card is faded, you can opt for another one through any of the processes so far mentioned above and you will be able to get on top of your Medicare Advantage plans again without any stress.

Alternatively, You Can Do This

If you got your Medicare plan through Medicare Advantage Plan through vendors such as HMO, PPO, or PDP; then you can place a call to them directly to them and have the issues resolved immediately. For those that are using the platform of Railroad Retirement Board; simply give them a call for a replacement card and you will get such delivered to your mail within 30 days.

Care Tips

Your Medicare Card is very important and should be handled with care in the first place to prevent damage. Second, measures should be taken to prevent loss of it. As a preventive measure, you can make a photocopy of it and keep it for record purposes. In the event of loss of the original, it will be easy to get something to fall back to in case you need some important info. Alternatively, you can write down details some of the important info on your card and keep both soft and hard copy of such. It will be pretty easy to retrieve important info from such if the need arises in the absence of the original card.

Watch Out For Fraud

If you are the type that is careful and the loss of the card is not your making, then chances are that the card might have been stolen. Fraud is real in the times that are in. What you are expected to do at that instant is to take steps and check your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) for services that were recorded on your behalf which you never enjoyed. If you discover any sharp practice, then take immediate steps to make a report to the appropriate quarters for necessary actions if you really want to continue enjoying your Medicare Advantage plans 2020.