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What To Do If SaleSource Extension Is Not Working Properly?

ByDave Stopher

Mar 31, 2020 ##retail

There are 8 things you can do to fix extension issues, and I cover them all in this article!  We created SaleSource Plugin which transforms any WordPress website into a fully functional  shopify dropshipping store.  SaleSource Google Chrome extension lets you import AliExpress products directly to your dropshipping store. Normally, if you authorize your SaleSource site, it works well.  In the event you can’t import products on your site with the extension, here’s what you need to do!

#1 Make sure you’ve authorized your website

Have you authorized your website?  Generally speaking, this is how you connect your website to AliExpress, and this is how you can start a direct product import.  To do this, log in to your store, click on the SaleSource extension icon and enter the domain name of your website.  If you don’t see this red panel on the top of the page, you might need to double check which browser you’re using.

#2 Check the browser you’re using

Google Chrome extension only works in Google Chrome browser.  So, if you have opened Safari, or Firefox, or something else by accident, you won’t see the extension panel and the extension icon in the toolbar.  Don’t worry – I’ve made this mistake myself once or twice… or more.  Have you taken these steps and still couldn’t import anything?  Here’s what you need to do.

#3 Update all the tools

Start by updating your Google Chrome browser and then make sure that you have the latest  versions of the extension itself, SaleSource plugin (including dropship spy), and your store theme.  If any of these elements are outdated, the extension won’t work correctly.  You’ll find the links to get these updates in the description!  What else can cause an error?

#4 Deactivate the third-party plugins

Third-party plugins, especially the security solutions like WP Cerber or cache plugins like Autooptimize may cause the extension to work incorrectly.  So, if you have any of them installed on your website, it’s a good idea to switch them off while you’re importing products from AliExpress.  To do this, simply go to your WordPress admin area, select the Plugins tab, and deactivate all third-party plugins.

#5 Clear your Google Chrome cache

Clear your Google Chrome cache so that your browser displays the most recent version of your website and all current actions.  To do it, just press ctrl + f5 combination on the keyboard.  After that, try using the extension once again.  Without any outdated information saved in the browser, it will work a bit differently.

#6 Update the permalinks

In your WordPress admin area, go to the Settings tab and choose the Permalinks section.  Here, make sure that the ‘Post Name’ option is chosen, and click on the Save Changes button even if you didn’t make any changes.  This is how you make sure that your website actually sees the information written here and processes it correctly.

#7 Deactivate the third-party extensions

Do you use VPN, or AdBlock, or any other third-party extensions?  Turn them off for a bit.  As soon as you finish with the direct import part, you can safely switch them on again.

#8 Ask your hosting support to activate the mod_rewrite module

If nothing else has helped, contact your hosting support and ask them to activate the mod-underscore-rewrite module.  Why would that be necessary?  Well, it’s a code-related thing, so, if you’re not a developer, you don’t even need to know this. Just trust the experts with this task and try using the extension once again.

Now, that’s it!  I have covered the most common issues that might prevent you from using the SaleSource Google Chrome Extension.  As you can see, they are easy to fix.  So, don’t worry if you ever come across any of them, just follow our advice!  For your convenience, we’ve made a written list of the most common extension issues and explained how to solve them.  You can find this article in our knowledge base at any time you need it!

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