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What You Need To Trade on Penny Stocks

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, penny stocks are any securities that sell for less than $5 per share. These stocks are usually issued by small cap companies that are in the development stage. Their products are usually unproven on the market and the risks involved are higher than those of other blue chip companies. As seen at https://www.timothysykes.com/penny-stocks/, penny stocks are usually quoted over the counter on platforms such as OTC bulletin board, OTC link and even on NYSE. There are some skills that are needed for you to excel in this type of trading. Below, we will look at them. 

Realistic expectations

Some penny stock investors make the mistake of thinking that they could make huge amounts of money within a short period of time. These individuals usually think that an investment in penny stock is a ripe deal that can make them huge amounts of money. Investors with such unrealistic expectations stand to lose a lot of money as they fail to do proper research on the issue. On the other hand, investors who are realistic about what they can achieve with penny stock trading have a better chance at success for they are able to make rational decisions and moves on investment. Generally, such investors can make gradual progress in their trade. 

Learn how to manage the risk

An investment in penny stocks can come with great rewards for the trader. However, it is important to note that the investment is smaller and thus comes with a higher level of risk. As a result, great fortunes in penny stock trading may favor those with a high tolerance for risk. Therefore, it is advisable for one to learn how to manage risks so that they can have a higher chance at success in penny stock trading. 

Don’t develop a connection with the company

If you want to be a successful penny stock trader, you need to see the investment just as a means of making money. The investors are also quick to cut losing positions and do not pin all their hopes on any kind of stock. As such, they are fast to move out of danger so that they do not suffer huge losses when the value of the shares that they hold plummets.  That is why a wise penny stock investor does not have trust on any one company but instead, focus on the shares that hold the greatest potential for growth. 

Patience as a virtue

The biggest successes in penny stock trading come over a period of time. This is as the new companies either get discovered or move on to trade on major exchanges. This can take some time and it is a requirement that a trader has a lot of patience to realize any meaningful gain from their investments.  This process can take years and if you do not have the requisite patience, you may not last through this process. Also, it is important to note that most penny stocks are not widely followed and thus, it may be very hard for them to get a quick headway on the market. 

Ability to monitor companies

Another skill that you need as a penny stock trader is the ability to monitor companies on a regular basis. After this monitoring, you can proceed on to do the necessary adjustments. It is important to acknowledge that penny stocks make quick percentage moves in a very short time. This can make a difference in your investment and thus, it is important to make the necessary changes as soon as possible. This is to avoid huge losses that can occur with some of these changes. 

Understand volatility of penny stock

Volatility is one of the features of penny stocks that all investors should be aware of. Just like in conventional stock where a share that is falling suddenly makes a fast leap upwards, a penny stock on an upward move in price suddenly falls in value. A skillful investor understands that such volatility is not a reflection of the company but just a trend in the market. It is important to look at other factors surrounding penny stocks before determining their final standing.  It is also important to know when to either make an entry or exit to a particular stock. 

Make decisions based on research

Many penny stock investors make their decisions based on impulsiveness as opposed to research. Penny stocks can either move higher or lower by large percentages. This is contrary to other larger stocks that do not have these kinds of moves. Therefore, it is important for an investor to make informed decisions when trading on penny stocks. The potential to increase in value normally appeals to casual investors looking to make quick cash. However, for a keen investor, he bases his penny stock investments on proven research and facts. This increases their chances of making a profit in the long term.

Great diligence

Before you do an investment in penny stocks, it is advisable to take some due diligence in the process. This includes doing enough research both online and offline so as to find out more about the companies that you are investing in. you can also employ strategies such as calling the companies, trying their products and even talking to some of their employees to find more about them. Alternatively, you can drive by their headquarters so as to see the kind of company you are investing in. Such kinds of actions can make a difference in deciding on the type of investments that you are going to make. 


Although the above points are very important for any type of investor, they are particularly common on most successful penny stock traders. This is because they not only improve on their personal knowledge but also, enable one to identify the companies with the most potential for growth. With the skills, you will be in a better position to achieve success in penny stock trading. Remember, success in this type of trading is dependent on information, diligence, patience and research.

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