Despite major concerns in the medical community, compounded bioidentical hormone therapy is a popular choice among women. Although there are other FDA-approved hormone therapy products available in the market, CBHT remains the popular choice. Here are some reasons why women prefer CBHT:

  1. CBHT is plant-based

When it comes to the choice between chemically formulated drugs and naturally obtained ones, most people will choose to go for the naturally obtained ones. Patients show a lot of distrust in chemically made drugs, and many women prefer CBHT because the drugs involved are plant-based. If you may want professional guidance to explore alternative options, you can refer to BetterHelp.

  1. Better clinical care by the CBHT professionals

Professionals are required to completely understand their patients before they could prescribe any dosage, which means that they spend a significant amount of time with their patients. As a result, professionals gain the patients’ trust, and they can take good care of them. The hormone specialists take their time to listen to the patient’s symptoms and outline the available treatment options accompanied by the side effects and efficacy.

  1. Tailored drug prescriptions

CBHT prescription drugs are available in different forms – capsules, creams, patches, etc. – where the amount of the hormones involved vary depending on the doses. These hormones include estriol, estradiol, estrone, testosterone, progesterone, as well as dehydroepiandrosterone. When the drugs are individually formulated to meet the specific needs of the patient, it means that they are a precise match for the patient’s hormones, which significantly reduces the possibility of side effects. Patients attest to using low doses of hormones with CBHT and still accomplish their treatment goals.

  1. Increased risks of diseases associated with conventional hormone therapy

For a long time, the pharmaceutical industry campaigned for conventional hormone therapy, saying that it was safer in the treatment of menopause symptoms. However, it later became clear that the conventional HT was associated with increased risk of diseases such as stroke, breast cancer, heart attacks, and blood clots. Many patients ended up mistrusting the conventional HT as well as the pharmaceutical industry and, thus, preferred the compounded bioidentical hormone therapy.

  1. Persistence of menopausal symptoms after the use of conventional HT

Patients report experiencing menopausal symptoms even after they use the conventional HT approved by the FDA. CBHT is tailored to match the specific patient’s needs ensuring that they will combat any menopause symptoms they may be experiencing. Patients report that their symptoms improve with the use of CBHT.

  1. Conventional HT causes severe side effects

Hormone specialists will run some tests on patients before prescribing them with CBHT to know the levels of their body hormones. They then formulate prescriptions according to the patients’ hormone levels. When prescriptions are made specifically to match the patient’s hormones, the likelihood of experiencing negative side effects is limited. Conventional HT, on the other hand, does not include personalized drugs. Thus, patients often experience serious side effects.

The choice for a patient to choose either conventional HT or CBHT lies in the ability to alleviate the symptoms, the side effects experienced, and personal preference. The Surrey Park Clinic is a one-stop clinic for every hormone management need for both men and women. Call today and book your appointment to receive the best hormone treatment and advice.