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Why Payday loans are not all bad

Let’s face it we all have those moments of crisis where we need an extra hundred pounds or so for an emergency. Car repairs, a new laptop, some medical expenses can all be sprung on us at any time. In the past, there was little hope of finding a way to borrow some money unless you had a rich relative or felt like spending a lifetime talking to your bank. Thankfully the world of convenience has caught up with the world of banking and short-term loans, often referred to as payday or text loans are now available anywhere in the UK.

There have been some damming reports about payday loans in the last few years. People have got themselves into more debt than they can really afford, and some lenders have pretty much-fleeced borrowers with outrageous interest rates. Thankfully the once murky world of payday loans is being cleaned up lenders like HittaSMSLan are leading the way. So, what are the good things about a payday loan?


First and foremost, the convenience of a payday loan makes them a worthwhile option. As noted at the start, you don’t want to spend hours on the phone or ages queuing in your bank just to find out if you even qualify for a small loan of maybe only £250.  The vast majority of payday loans and microlenders have easy to use online and mobile apps that tell you instantly if you qualify. Payment is also fast too, so the cash is with you in a flash, as they say!

Short and Sweet

With a payday loan, you only borrow for a short period of time, often less than 6 months. This makes the loans a short and sweet way to pay for your emergency or other needs and once done it is done. Getting things over and done within the shortest space of time makes the often-higher interest rate worthwhile, you had a need and you paid for it the interest is worth the peace of mind.

You are protected

The rules and regulations around short term borrowing and lending have become stricter in recent years. Credit checks are more rigid, and your affordability and financial security is now the top priority of any lender. Responsible lending is now the core responsibility of any lender.

A clever way to manage your cashflow

When factored into a monthly budget (loan amount, repayment and interest) a payday loan can be a useful money management tool that helps to manage life easier. You can stretch payments for bigger items over a short period with easy payments and still have some cash left each month the life a little. A payday loan, when used well can become a powerful ally to a person who is wise with their money.

Always consider borrowing carefully, ask yourself if you really need to borrow and when you do borrow make sure you get a payday loan in Dallas fully understand all the terms and conditions


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