The pandemic hit the earth’s surface in 2019, during the month of November. Many of the countries had taken immediate steps to stop the spread of the pandemic, while some of the countries failed to curb the pandemic. The circumstances have been extreme in the previous few years.

This pandemic has not only brought in some serious physical ailments, but it has also caused a lot of mental distraction. Many of the rich men of the world have committed suicide thinking that they would have no money anymore.

Many millions of people have lost jobs all across the world and they believe that they cannot do anything about it. But this has mainly hampered the old ones, the young ones who just started off with the job and also lost the same in the pandemic have not been hampered as much. The simple reason being that the young ones have been very clever and they have taken the measurable steps that they should have taken.

The young millennial generation or generation Z did not waste time to brood over the matter that they lost a job in fact they used the advantage of having some extra time. They started to invest in various crypto platforms. One such famous platform which was most accessed by the millennials was the bitqt.

Why the Young Generation used Bitcoins to Investment?

Most of the young generation has the guts to take up the loss that they incur, but there are some facilities or characteristics of the bitcoin which the older generation finds risky. If we elaborate the older generation finds the idea of technology very risky hence, they are afraid to use technology for anything related to money.

What Facilitates the Younger Generation?

There are many advantages of using bitcoin for the younger generation because they find it very convenient to use. Although you might have heard quite often that there is a generation gap and it is very true indeed, there is a generation gap that can never be fulfilled. The young generation understands the

Digital Currency

Very honestly the older generation has no faith in the digital currency, in fact, they cannot even think that there could be something which is known as a digital currency. They believe that currency which can be seen, touched, felt and you would get the feel of the note. While the millennials find it really easy to believe that the digital currency can be a form of currency that can be used for similar purposes. This is basically a mental barrier that the young generation is much more active and accepting when it comes to any new technology while the older generation is just too technologically challenged.

Research Required 

While the generation Z or the young generations find it logical to do their own research before do any investment. But at the same time, the older generation likes to follow the tradition. They believe that they have seen their parents buy real estate and gold as a form investment so they too think that such kind of investment could be more profitable. But gone are those days, now people do not want any burden head. They prefer an investment in which they can relax and not bother about the security and the maintenance of the asset.

Mobile and Gadgets 

Of course, we know that science is both a boon and a bane, but why to adopt the bane? The older generation feels that mobile or any gadgets for that matter are not trustworthy, hence they believe in using the traditional gadget for everything that is the pen and the paper. They find a pen and paper is the safest gadget hence they have denied accepting gadgets.


The awareness that is the young ones are well aware of which is the digital world. The young ones know that what is going on in and around the world and they know exactly what doing how much well. The awareness in the young ones is very necessary so that you know what is happening where and how to make use of it in the maximum amount.