Wildlife presenter and explorer Steve Backshall will speak about his death-defying experiences travelling to the most remote places on the planet at a one-off event in Birmingham.

The BAFTA-winning naturalist, writer and adventurer spent the last 12 months trekking to the furthest-flung corners of the Earth, battling everything from icy Arctic conditions to sun-scorched deserts as part of his new UKTV series Expedition with Steve Backshall.

Next week, fans can hear his incredible behind-the-scenes stories and watch clips of the new 10-part television series at Birmingham Town Hall on Wednesday, July 17th.

Expedition with Steve Backshall airs at 8pm on Sundays, staring from July 21st on the Dave channel, and follows the fearless adventurer as he tackles impenetrable rainforests and underground cave systems to trek, kayak, climb, ski, dive and abseil into jaw-dropping locations where no humans have ever stepped foot before.

His book – ‘Expedition: Adventures into Undiscovered Worlds’ – will also be released on July 18th to coincide with the new television series.

Steve said: “It’s easy to assume that every inch of the Earth has been explored, but that’s simply not the case. Our planet is a treasure trove of hidden gems, with far-flung, forgotten corners that are yet to be discovered. In this show, that’s exactly where we end up, and we’re taking the viewers on the journey with us.”

He added: “I’ve had some mind-blowing experiences filming this new series – from tackling the first descent of a white-water river in the Himalayas and trekking through unexplored jungle in South America to climbing mountains in the deserts of the Middle East – and I can’t wait to share these adventures with everyone.”

The live show of Expedition with Steve Backshall at Birmingham Town Hall starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday, July 17th.

Tickets start from £23 and are available by calling 0161 907 5555 or visiting www.stevebackshall.com/tour.

The UKTV series Expedition with Steve Backshall will air every Sunday at 8pm from July 21st on Dave.