If you’re someone who used to wear glasses back in school, then you’ll probably remember the poor and complete lack of choice, the constant playground taunts and the constant requests to try your glasses on. If you wore glasses you were considered to be bookish, shy and often weak – something which was always depicted in TV and film at the time.

Thankfully, these days, glasses have taken on a whole new persona as are now classed as a must-have accessory – even for those without a prescription! Glasses are no longer a piece of equipment that helps to correct our vision, they’re an extension of our personalities, they can reflect our personal style and so much more! If you’re a little dubious and uncomfortable about wearing your frames, then read on to discover some wonderful reasons to love your eyeglasses.

You Can Buy Them Online

Wearing glasses was often considered an inconvenience. In the playground, at the swimming pool, playing sports, even countless trips to the optician and optometrist to find the right prescription and have your frames adjusted to fit your face. Today, things are a little different and you can find a glasses frame measurement guide here, as well as a wealth of stunning frames available online. Booking an appointment at the optician and working your way through expensive frames and a minimal choice is no longer required for people who need to wear glasses.

By shopping online for your frames you’ll have thousands of options to choose from and can select features such as colour, shape, style and material to suit your needs. You can even try them on, virtually! Just another reason to love wearing your glasses!

They Dramatically Transform Your Look

If you’re someone who usually wears contacts or only wears their frames occasionally, then placing a pair of carefully chosen frames on your face can dramatically transform your look in an instant. Wearing glasses means you can choose the right frames to compliment the style you want to achieve. Whether you want to recreate the geek chic of the 00s, or you want something professional and sophisticated for a meeting at work, wearing a pair of frames can turn heads for all the right reasons.

They Highlight Your Features

Everyone has beautiful eyes, and wearing glasses means you can highlight your perfect peepers with ease. The right frames will compliment your face shape and create a perfect balance of your features. You can also play around with eyeliner and beauty products to really make your eyes pop behind those lenses.

They Give Your Eyes Protection

Of course, sunglasses and Blue Light Blocking Lenses are great against UV damage and blue light from digital screens. However, wearing any pair of glasses, regardless of lens coating or feature, will provide you with additional protection from the wind, sand and grit that might be flying through the air.

Final Thoughts…

Ultimately, your glasses will help correct your vision and give you the confidence to go about your day with clear vision. But they’re capable of so much more!