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Woodward Financials grows by over 60% alone in the last quarter


Jun 9, 2021

Growth is a hot topic right now for Independent Financial and Wealth Advisors Woodward Financials based all along the Thames Valley, as they continue their march to be the leading wealth management firm in the UK.

They’ve grown by over 60% alone in the last quarter, largely due to their Enhanced Active Management Service™, which identifies trading opportunities and weaknesses in markets such as FTSE 100, Dow Jones, Nikkei and FX.

As David Woodward said, “The vibe within Woodward Financials is electric with this growth seen in just 3 months, especially considering the times and things being a bit unstable. We’ve definitely got something special here.”

This 60% growth comes at a time when markets are known for being volatile with, “Dividends falling 44% in 2020, which is the lowest annual total since 2011” (Woodward Financials) making them a force to be reckoned with.

Woodward Financials Enhanced Active Management Service™ is unique and only available to their clients, being unmatched by anyone else on the market. Its algorithm gives the best chance for clients’ investments to grow, ensuring they continue to hold some of the best performing investment funds.

Clients too have been embracing the Enhanced Active Management Service™ after seeing its potential in May this year, when the algorithm identified market weaknesses, followed by a market increase, which not only preserved capital initially but ensured clients investments performed at their best following the increase.

Woodward Financials pride themselves on providing a unique service and investment strategy based on the individual needs of their clients. Their aim is simple; to help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals.

It’s not only their Enhanced Active Management Service™ that ensures Woodward Financials’ success, but how they stick to their word with regards to career progression for their employees. This month, employed financial administrators have started working towards a diploma in Paraplanning, ensuring a clear roadmap for career progression.

It’s also worth mentioning that Woodward Financials have launched a secure personal finance portal which gives clients a clear overview of their finances, with the ability to manage and track everything in one place.

Definitely ones to put on your watch list!

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David Woodward, Managing Director, Woodward Financials

David Woodward is the Managing Director responsible for client investments and business transactions, he is heavily involved with all of the company’s support staff to make sure new and existing clients get the service they expect.

David who has worked in finance for many years, he started his client facing career as a Stockbroker and gained his qualifications as an Independent Financial Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Insurance and The London Institute of Banking and Finance. David understands the importance of professional qualifications, but knows qualifications are no substitute for time served investment experience, he continues building on his personal skill set of trading the world markets which allows him to provide first hand updates to clients.

David is now building on the service they offer with leading technology and has a road map to list on the London Stock Exchange as well as launching their own range of investment funds.

David sets the bar high thus giving a better chance of clients having flexibility, security and choices in retirement.

On a personal front David is married to Petra and has two children. He enjoys music, sailing and travel. David is also a competitive ageing martial artist and, although getting on in years, still competes at the odd International tournament.