XBO is soon launching a cryptocurrency exchange that should put a big smile on the face of crypto enthusiasts.

This soon-to-launched crypto exchange aims to deliver top-notch services that will open up new opportunities for crypto traders.

The exchange has started the early registrations, through which new users can sign up to the platform and win advanced status in their tiered loyalty program.

Get yourself at the forefront of the racing track by registering for XBO Early Access and win Gold Status instantly. So, let’s discuss the most important features XBO will offer its users.

Get Ready for Best Tiered Loyalty Program Benefits

By registering for early access, you will enjoy several XBO’s loyalty program benefits once the platform launches. It will effectively feel like being at the forefront of the race.

Completing the XBO registration and verification process during the early access period will instantly reward you with a Gold loyalty tier. Additionally, 10 users out of the first 10,000 to verify will be awarded lifetime Black Diamond loyalty status.

How Does The XBO Tiered Loyalty Program Work?

The exchange offers a one-of-a-kind loyalty program, consisting of 5 tiers – Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Black Diamond.

After registering on the platform, users can raise their ranking by collecting experience points (XP). These XP points can be earned by performing various tasks, such as trades, currency swaps, and deposits.

By registering for Early Access, you can be among those 10,000 lucky winners to get Gold Status. So, hurry up and be an early bird if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Here are some detailed features of XBO‘s Tiered Loyalty Program:

Silver Status: 

The top features of silver status include:

  • Free Crypto Deposits
  • Low Spot Trading Fees (0.40% taker / 0.30% maker)
  • XP required for basic verification is 100

Gold Status:

Top benefits for Gold status include:

  • Free Crypto Deposits
  • Get a Cashback up to 0.1%
  • 2-2 free deposits and withdrawals per month
  • Low Spot Trading Fees (0.38% taker / 0.29% maker)
  • Access to XBO Gold Card
  • Crypto rewards in the form of any random cryptocurrencies

Platinum Status: 

Here’s are some features of platinum status:

  • Free Crypto Deposits
  • Get a Cashback up to 0.25%
  • 3-3 free deposits and withdrawals per month
  • Low Spot Trading Fees (0.36% taker / 0.27% maker)
  • Access to XBO Platinum Card
  • 2.5X Crypto rewards in the form of any random cryptocurrencies

Diamond Status: 

It is one of the top tiers in XBO’s loyalty programs. Take a closer look at some of its features:

  • Free Crypto Deposits
  • Get a Cashback up to 0.50%
  • 4-4 free deposits and withdrawals per month
  • Low Spot Trading Fees (0.32% taker / 0.24% maker)
  • A Free metal diamond card
  • 10X Crypto rewards in the form of any random cryptocurrencies

Black Diamond Club:

The Black Diamond Club is XBO’s top-tier status. However, the company remains confidential about all the features and offerings of this top-tier club. But we are sure it is something that will surely be impressive.

The best part is you stand a chance to get free lifelong entry into this exclusive Black Diamond club that could change your trading experience!

What XBO Holds For Crypto Enthusiasts?

In addition to jaw-dropping loyalty programs, XBO has much more to offer its users. Let’s take a closer look at a few features that XBO is promising to deliver:


The borrow feature offered by crypto exchanges allows traders to take crypto-backed loans using digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral.

The loans will get approved instantly. And the low-interest rates are like icing on the cake.


What if I tell you that you can earn while trading. Sound’s Impossible, but It’s true.  ‘Earn’ programs let users earn while trading.

The platform offers a number of earning benefits through loyalty programs and cashbacks.

Top-Notch Security:

If security is your top concern, then it is worth considering XBO as it aims to offer industry-best security features to deliver an enhanced and more secure trading environment.

To deliver the safest trading hub, the exchange implements top-grade security features and partnered with the best security service providers.

The Bottom Line:

As XBO is due to enter the crypto space, its attractive features and loyalty programs have already started creating a stir.

Looking at the loyalty programs and services offered by this crypto exchange, we are sure XBO is going to make a huge impact on the crypto industry.

So, it’s your chance to witness the new revolution in the crypto world. Get yourself in the front seat by registering for Early Access and be rewarded with a chance to win Gold Status instantly. And if you’re lucky enough, you may also get lifelong access to the platform’s top-tier ‘Black Diamond Club.’