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yarm school largeYarm School students and staff have gone to the polls in their own mock European Referendum.

Yarm School held a school-wide vote with all pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff entitled to put a cross in the box next to their choice.

Rival teams, headed up by sixth formers have been campaigning on their positions of Brexit or Bremain. As well as spreading the word around the school grounds, the two campaign groups delivered a school assembly, and visited the Prep School to give a presentation and field questions.

Yarm School’s results were announced on Thursday morning to the whole school, with the majority voting to remain in the EU (63% in the Senior School and 70% in the Prep School). Results of the nationwide referendum itself will not be known until Friday morning.

Head of Politics Stephen Edwards said: “The EU Referendum was another excellent opportunity to expose pupils to life beyond school. Being involved in such an experience provides an insight and understanding into the world of politics, economics and business.

“As with our mock General Election this has been a great way to engage the whole school community in debating the issues and implications of remaining in or leaving the European Union. Perhaps what was most impressive was the confidence of the youngest pupils expressing their opinions and asking probing questions.”

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