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Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.17.33Yarm School’s Music School and Boathouse have been recognised with a prestigious award.

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) awards celebrate the ‘creation of excellent buildings’ including outstanding craftsmanship, technical innovation, sustainability and high performance.

The state-of-the-art music school has helped enhance Yarm School’s already flourishing performing arts programme. The new structure houses specialist music classrooms, 10 instrumental tuition rooms, a drumming suite and a high-tech recording studio. There is also a 140-seat lecture theatre which doubles as a cutting-edge performance venue.

Alongside the music school, Yarm School’s Boathouse was honoured at the awards for its ultra-modern architecture. It now acts as a training base for rowers with stunning views over the river and doubles up as a viewing gallery for rowing events. and

Yarm School worked alongside contractors from Darlington-based Wharton Construction and Associated Architects to create the highly innovative additions to the already spectacular school grounds.

David Dunn, Yarm School Headmaster, said: “Both the Music School and Boathouse have been fantastic additions to the school. Both buildings house state-of-the-art facilities and have enabled our already successful sports and performing arts programmes to excel further.

“Yarm School worked alongside highly skilled architects and construction experts in the process of developing the two structures and we are pleased to share such a prestigious award with them.”

Matthew Wharton, Director of Wharton Construction, said, It is fantastic to receive acknowledgement for our professional approach and site management throughout the construction of the Music School, and in overcoming a number of challenges – such as a tight site, a busy school environment and an adjoining Grade II listed building.

“The Music School is designed to have superior sound proofing qualities by constructing the walls using in-situ concrete which were then hidden behind render and stone to create a functional and stylish building that we are very proud of, and hope that it will serve the school well for many years.

“We would also like express our appreciation to Alan Hodgson of Yarm School for his support during the construction process.

“Fingers crossed for the Music School to be named Best Educational Building in the National LABC awards later in the year.”

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