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Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 09.44.33SCHOOLBOY cricketers have become the pride of Yorkshire after reaching the finals of one of the country’s most prestigious contests.

Riding high after becoming Yorkshire champions, Richmond School and Sixth Form College U15s took on the very best teams from the independent sector in a tournament known to spawn the nation’s finest players.

In what has been one of the best seasons in the school’s history, Richmond took on the might of the North’s cricketing elite from of Sedbergh School, Durham School, Bolton School and Kings School, Macclesfield.

At stake in the competition, staged at Netherfield Cricket Club, Kendal, was the prestigious title of North of England champions.

PE teacher and coach Jonathan Kellett said: “The boys once again upped their game and qualified for the final, which is the first time a Yorkshire School has made the last stage of the competition at this age group.

“The final proved to be a true battle of the roses against Bolton School, with both sides giving there all. Richmond took five quick wickets and then Bolton fired back with big hitting to finish on 105.”

Unfortunately, the rain arrived to change the game and Richmond were forced to hit early runs falling just five short of their new adjusted target.

The team comprises Cameron Spence, Jonathan Carlton, Jack Smith, Harvey Websdale, Sam Winter, Tom Spensley, Jonny Carr, Gary Walker, Tom Dowson, James Kelly, Mark Walker and Tyler Spence.

Mr Kellett said: “It was a great day and great experience for the team; second best school in the North is an amazing result.

“The team has such depth, talent and passion for the game and they thoroughly deserve the incredible amount of success they have enjoyed this year.”

The sport is thriving thanks to the Richmond Cricket Foundation, set up to develop links between the school and the club.

A new ten wicket facility, complete with all-weather area, has brought cricket back to the school fields for the first time in many years and boosted opportunities across the town.

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