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Young Actors to Celebrate Ned Corvan at Woodhorn


May 23, 2017

Four young actors and singers sponsored by Sunday for Sammy will be paying tribute to forgotten Geordie superstar Ned Corvan when they perform at the Northumberland Miners’ Picnic at Woodhorn Museum on Saturday, June 10.

The Ned Corvan Shadow Troupe are touring the region with their own play about Ned and singing his excellent songs with a modern twist. They will be performing at 1pm and 2.30pm at Woodhorn and part of their activities will be spontaneous renditions of songs to crowds enjoying the great day out.

Shadow Troupe manager Richard Flood explained: “We are working in conjunction with the main Mr. Corvan’s Music Hall cast to promote Ned Corvan’s music and are delighted to be performing at Woodhorn.

“Ned was a huge favourite among the mining communities in Northumberland and Durham and penned songs supporting miners.

“His song The Queen Has Sent A Letter is a beautiful, touching lament about the 204 miners killed in the Hartley pit disaster in January 1862.”

He added: “Ned was the first professional Geordie singer/songwriter and eventually penning around 120 songs in his brief lifetime, dying in 1865 of TB aged only 37. He left behind a brilliant legacy.”

The Shadow Troupe will also perform a number of songs in the foyer area of the Sage Gateshead on Monday 5th June between 6pm and 7pm.

The Ned Corvan Shadow Troupe are kindly supported by The Sunday for Sammy Trust, a North East based charity that funds performing artistes from the region at the outset of their careers.  Sunday for Sammy was originally staged as a memorial to the late Tyneside actor Sammy Johnson. The Sunday for Sammy Trust raises money via sales of tickets for its spectacular biennial concerts and DVD’s of previous shows.  Tickets for the next Sunday for Sammy on 18th February 2018 are available now from the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena.

By Emily