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Young leaders aim to make school a better place

YOUNG leaders have been appointed to represent their peers after primary pupils went to the polls.

Pupils at Eldon Grove Academy, Hartlepool, part of The Extol Academy Trust, voted for new head boy Elliott Robson and new head girl Ava Wright to become student ambassadors for their school.

The pupils were among nine Year 6 students who applied for the prestigious positions, including Gary-Lee Barker and Elizabeth Keay-Bolton who were each appointed to the roles of deputy head boy and girl.

Elliott, ten, of Hartlepool, said: “All of the candidates had to run a campaign to show why they would be the best person to represent the school.

“We had to make posters and give a speech to all Year 5 and 6 pupils before they voted for who they thought would do the best job.

“I felt very proud when I got the most votes and I hope that I can do a good job helping give students a voice in school and putting forward my ideas, including for wet break and lunchtimes.”

Ava, ten, said: “I was very pleased to win and hope that I can help make school a better place for students.”

“I was very pleased to win and hope that I can help make school a better place for students.”

The young leaders will also be responsible for attending school council meetings, leading assemblies, representing pupil voice, showing visitors around the school and sitting in on staff interviews.

Head of school Audrey Brahimi added: “Our student ambassadors will be an invaluable link between students and staff and will act as role models to our younger pupils.

“Having young leaders in school helps to instil British values such as democracy and playing a part in decision making, as well as raising confidence, communication skills and self-esteem in young people.”

By Emily