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Your Guide to Upgrading Wheels & Tires for your 4×4

ByDave Stopher

Oct 19, 2019 #Motoring

Changings your wheels and tires is an easy way to upgrade your truck. Whether your goal is to improve performance or create a more appealing look, sourcing high-quality truck parts online is cost effective and easy. You can select from a variety of wheel and tire packages or shop for these upgrades separately. Doing some research in advance can help you figure out which products best suit your goals.


One popular wheel upgrade involves purchasing larger wheels. Many people do this simply for the look. Another benefit includes the improved grip that comes with a larger tire surface.

When shopping for a larger set of wheels, it is important to keep some issues in mind. Otherwise, you could end up with wheels that do not properly fit your truck.  Take a close look at

  • Hubcaps: Make sure both measurements and bolt patterns match your truck, otherwise you may not be able to attach the wheel. Wheels of the same diameter can have different hubcap sizes and bolt patterns depending on make and model, so remember to check these stats when shopping for truck parts online.
  • Fitment: When deciding on a new wheel size, keep in mind how it will fit inside your vehicle’s wheel well. Various types of trucks have different offsets. You want to avoid a situation where your tire is too close to the fender or to the suspension components, as either can cause rubbing that decreases your tires’ longevity.
  • Pricing: Purchasing larger wheels also means buying bigger tires, which will end up costing more. Don’t forget to factor tire cost into your budget for your upgrade. Consider also that it may not make sense to aim for the cheapest option, especially for load bearing parts like rims.

Another upgrade to consider is the material of your truck wheels. Typically, wheels may be made of steel or cast with an aluminum alloy. Each has its pros and cons depending on which aspect of your truck’s performance you want to improve.

If you want solid, reliable off-road performance, you may opt for steel. Steel wheels may add weight but can provide substantial gains in terms of durability and longevity. These wheels can sustain extensive use over rough surfaces and in tough conditions. They also tend to be among the more budget friendly options.

Aluminum alloy wheels are more lightweight and do not have the durability of steel. The casting method used to make them gives the metal improved flexibility. These characteristics make steel wheels a good choice if you want to add speed.


Some truck owners choose to purchase bigger tires without necessarily changing their wheels. It is possible to fit a wider, taller tire onto the existing set of wheels.

Remember to keep tire size proportional to the height of your truck, especially if you plan to do a lot of four-wheeling. A too-tall tire on a shorter truck can decrease stability. A deep tread is also important for off-roading. Some tires also have unique tread patterns specifically designed to enhance off-road performance.

Upgrading your truck’s wheels and tires can be a simple way to customize your vehicle. Purchasing truck parts online makes the process even easier.

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