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Council cash has meant that a community village hall is now more welcoming and able to offer its users a bit of comfort!

Hambleton District Councillors awarded Crakehall Village Hall £4,000 for new chairs and stage curtains from their ‘Making a Difference ‘awards.

“The village hall was built in 1982 and since that date has had a few improvements made, but is now showing its age,” said Peter Lohmeyer, Treasurer.

“Some of the chairs were purchased in the eighties and were very uncomfortable.  As we are a village with mainly elderly residents, we need to have a place where they can meet that is comfortable and welcoming. The stage is used on a regular basis too but was let down by old and tatty curtains.  We hope people will agree the new chairs and curtains have made a difference and the money was well spent.”

Ward Member, Councillor Mike Barningham who supported the project added: “It is great to be able to help these community driven clubs with projects that they otherwise would not be able to afford themselves. The grant supports the council’s priority for enhancing health and wellbeing by increasing participation in a physical activity and supports an aging population.”