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Asda FoundationA local charity in Newcastle upon Tyne has received a generous donation of £9,500 from the Asda Foundation, which will help to complete the centre’s electrical works.
West Allotment Community Centre, previously known at the Boys Club is the social centre of the neighbourhood, providing a number of activities for people of all ages and abilities.
The application to the Asda Foundation by West Allotment Community Centre was supported by store colleagues at the Asda store at Whitley Road in Newcastle upon Tyne.
The money donated by the Asda Foundation will go towards the completion of the centre’s electrical works, which will allow the centre to expand their activities.
Kelly Wood, Chairperson at West Allotment Community Centre, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be receiving this donation from the ASDA Foundation.
“As we cater for the local community, it is important that we have services that are usable by everyone, no matter the age or ability.
“It’s difficult to put into words just how beneficial it is to work with and be supported by local businesses such as Asda.”
Set up in 1988, the Asda Foundation is a registered charity that aims to have a positive impact on local communities, making independent grants to provide support to a range of local good causes, chosen by Asda’s community life colleagues throughout the UK.
It funds charitable projects and activities what have the ability and potential to achieve change for the better – with the aim of making a significant difference to local communities and the people who live there, both now and in the future.
Julie Ward, Asda Foundation manager, said: “We see the Foundation as one of the many ways to give something back to the communities that support us. That’s why we lend a hand to the wide range of good causes with which our colleagues are involved, sharing their passion and helping to make a difference through a variety of projects across the UK.
“Supporting smaller, local applications such as West Allotment Community Centre is really important to us – and we hope it will make a real difference within the local community in Newcastle upon Tyne.”
To find out more about the Asda Foundation, or eligibility for submitting a funding application, please contact the Community Life Champion at your local Asda store, or go to: