H1Z1: Battle Royale on PlayStation 4 is going Beyond Royale in Season 3 starting on February 21! This new free expansion includes the largest update in the history of H1Z1 on PS4: Two all-new game modes, the debut of Ranked Leaderboards, a new 100-tier Battle Pass, and a host of other new features and gameplay improvements.

Watch the H1Z1: Battle Royale Season 3 trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bivypDNkCjs

Season 3 highlights include:

  • FFA Deathmatch: This new game mode blends H1Z1’s unique brand of fast-paced action and massive-scale combat into an epic free-for-all experience. Fifty players drop into a tight combat zone with instant respawn and a rotating arsenal of weaponry, aiming to reach 25 kills before the timer runs out.
  • Ranked Leaderboards: Season 3 introduces a new ranking system to go along with seasonal leaderboards for each of the core battle royale game modes (Solos, Duos, and Fives). Ranks are broadly categorised across six tiers (Bronze to Master), while leaderboards will also track kills, matches played, and other statistics. All rankings will reset at the end of Season 3.
  • Training Grounds: Vets and newcomers alike can hone their skills and experiment with new loadouts in this new training mode. Master the range and recoil of each weapon and throwable before jumping into competitive ranked modes.
  • Season 3 Battle Pass: Featuring 100 reward tiers and more than 200 new cosmetic items (including new item types and nine full outfits), Season 3 introduces the largest H1Z1 Battle Pass yet! As with previous seasons, PlayStation Plus subscribers get an additional reward track where they can unlock exclusive rewards.

In addition, the Season 3 expansion includes a wide range of additional gameplay enhancements and improvements, including attendance rewards, redesigned lobbies and front-end UI, and exclusive challenges available to players who unlock all 100 tiers of the Battle Pass.

You can head over to the H1Z1: Battle Royale website to learn more about the expansion: https://www.h1z1.com/news/season-3-launch-date-february

H1Z1: Battle Royale officially launched on PlayStation 4 in August of 2018 and was an instant hit among PlayStation players. After reaching more than 10 million downloads just one month after launch, H1Z1: Battle Royale was the second most downloaded free-to-play game in 2018and was top 5 most downloaded free-to-play game on PlayStation last month.