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10 Best Presents for Toddlers

The one shopping for gifts for a toddler wants to make sure that the items that they buy will actually be put to use. The one who wants to better a child through the presents that they give to them might purchase educational toys. It is important for a person to know what a toddler will enjoy using and what will help that toddler as they develop.

  1. Toys that Teach the Alphabet Can be Awesome

There are a number of things that parents are trying to teach to their toddlers, and toys that can help a parent with the teaching that they are doing will be well received. There are some great magnets and other toddler toys that are made to help a child learn the alphabet and the sounds that the different letters make. These toys can be great gift options for a young child.

  1. Puzzles Make Great Gifts for Toddlers

It can be a challenge for a toddler to pick up a puzzle piece and find a spot on a puzzle board where that piece is supposed to go. Puzzles can keep a toddler entertained for hours, and they can help the toddler use their brain and their hands. There are many varieties of puzzles available for toddlers.

  1. Bath Toys Can be Fun Gifts

Some toddlers enjoy taking baths and others hate to get in the water. Bath toys can be great gifts for both types of toddlers, and they can help to keep toddlers entertained while they are being washed up.

  1. Matching Toys Work on a Toddler’s Memory

There are many types of matching toys available today beyond the traditional card game that helps a child develop their matching and memorization skills. One might choose to purchase some type of matching toy for a toddler to help them get thinking.

  1. Toys that Make a Toddler Use Fine Motor Skills are Good

A young child is still developing their fine motor skills, and there are some toys that are made to help them with that. There are toys that require a toddler to get one shape through a hole in another shape. Playing with these toys can help a young child get better at using their hands, and these toys are a fun but educational gift option.

  1. Toys that Help a Toddler Make Art Can Keep a Child Entertained

Some toddlers enjoy getting to use crayons and add color to paper. One might choose to purchase some type of art supplies for a toddler, along with a good amount of paper so that they can create piece after piece to give to their loved ones.

  1. Building Toys are Good for Toddlers

It can be fun for a toddler to take a set of bricks and create a tower or a fort. There are many types of building toys available today, and all of them can help a young child to use their imagination as well as their fine motor skills to create something special.

  1. Toys that Encourage a Toddler to Care for Others Make Good Gifts

When a toddler has a doll placed in their arms, they automatically start to take care of that doll. Gift sets that include a doll and a bottle or spoon will help encourage a toddler to think about others and care for the needs of someone other than their own self.

  1. Toddlers Love Toys that Make Noise

There are instruments and other things that make great gifts for toddlers because young children like to make noise. One might purchase a toddler a set of items that all make different sounds when the toddler shakes them.

  1. Toys that Keep a Toddler Quiet Will be Appreciated

Because a toddler likes to make noise, parents of a young child will appreciate a gift that can help keep that child quiet in times when they need to be quiet. Quiet books and reusable sticker scenes can be great gifts for a little one who needs something to keep them entertained in churches and restaurants.

There are many gifts that can be purchased that will help a toddler have fun and also develop skills that they will need later in life.

Author’s Bio:    Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – or visit her website

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