Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to avoid the sticky stuff in your car’s air-conditioning vents or a sweatshirt wrapped around your head while you drive, here are some tips for staying cool.

Check out what makes a summer drive more comfortable.

1. Keep It Clean

If there’s anything worse than a hot car in summer, it’s a dirty one. Clean off any dust and dirt from your exterior before the heat strikes with soap and water, then dry off with paper towels.

This will help keep surfaces cooler on sunny days by reducing the reflection of sunlight like an oven door would do (and also make sure that nothing is blocking your brake lights).

2. Time for Tinting?

Tinting keeps your car much cooler than it normally would by blocking out the sun in its entire splendor. The film sticks to your windows without adhesive (so there’s no residue) and can come in various shades depending on how much shade you want in your car.

There are also different tints that allow certain amounts of light transmission, so if you don’t want full darkness but do want to reduce the amount of heat coming into your car, this is a good option.

3. Let There Be Light

There are two types of lighting options now available: LED panels built into the headliner or under-seat lights and window tint with integrated lighting strips. Both kinds come with their advantages over traditional lighting.

LED panels are low power, bright, and come in various colors – but they won’t help with visibility at night. For that, you’ll need tinted windows with built-in edge lighting (think along the lines of neon lights).

4. How to Keep Cool

The AC can be your friend during summer drives if you’re willing to put forth a little effort to keep it running smoothly.

Drain out any water from the condenser once a year – this means turning off the car, opening up the hood, and draining any water from there into a bucket. Also, get it checked by an automotive AC repair specialist every two years to see if it needs a recharge or any maintenance.

5. Cargo Space is Key

Not all cars have cargo space that’s suitable for keeping cool – but if you’re fortunate enough to have one, this can be a lifesaver. Fill up your trunk with ice and load heavy items on top of them (but not too heavy as they’ll sink), and keep the bag closed (this is important).

Ice packs work well, too! This method can ensure that even the back seat stays cool during summer drives.

6. It’s All in the Wiring

In a car, the cooling system is connected to your AC system. If it doesn’t have enough power from your battery, you won’t be able to cool down – no matter what setting you select on your AC or where you position it.

Check if there’s a fuse for anything that might drain too much power, and make sure that all the fans are working before going on a long drive.

7. Stop Heat From Bleeding In

When parked in direct sunlight with windows rolled up during summer, heat builds up inside pretty quickly – and this gets worse as more people pack inside (remember: heat rises).

So keep an eye out for open windows when parked under the sun, and open the windows up before closing the doors to let air circulate.

8. Keep it Cool on Wheels

While wheels are usually associated with cars being hot during summer, you can do things to prevent this from happening. If your car is less than ten years old, have alloy wheels refinished once a year not to rust or lose their luster.

If they’re older, you might want to consider replacing them altogether or having them repaired, so they look good as new again – which means better heat management during summer drives!

9. Protect Your Car’s Interior

Take out any valuable items (including stuff like CDs) if you know you’ll be leaving your car behind for extended periods – because the sun can damage plastics, upholstery, and painted surfaces over time.

You can also place a barrier between your car’s seats and its windows to protect them from fading under sunlight exposure.

10. Check Your Tires

Tires that are correctly inflated provide better traction, improve your car’s fuel efficiency and give you a smoother ride.

So be sure to check it before summer drives – but don’t forget to stop by an auto service facility for all the inspections needed because doing this yourself can be risky business.

Summer is a great time for road trips – but only if your car is adequately equipped to handle the heat. Use these tips to keep your car cool and comfortable on summer drives.