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10 Tips to Choose the Right Sneakers or Athletic Shoes

ByDave Stopher

May 12, 2021

Are you struggling to find the right sneakers or athletic shoes? Read on for some fantastic tips. In the end, you will find the shopping process much simpler.

1.   Start By Knowing Your Shoe Size

Comfort is a key consideration when buying athletic shoes. The one you buy must fit well. Measure the exact width and length of your foot. Give a ½ to 1-inch allowance from your longest toes to the end of the shoe. Here is a tip; running shoes should be a half size larger than your standard shoe.

2.   Always Have On Your Socks When Trying a Shoe

Do not try on athletic shoes without socks.  It helps with support and comfort when you’re using them. Even with the socks on, you should have enough wiggle room for your toes.

You want to avoid any discomfort, blistering or cramping in the middle of your workout.

Worst of all, an improper fit can result in serious health implications. Such include stress fractures, tendonitis and nerve impingement.

3.   Shop with the Use in Mind

What will you use the shoe for? The best women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours may be different from running shoes.

Athletic shoes with insoles, for example, are excellent for use on trails because of the extra comfort.

4.   Know Exactly What You Want To Buy

You may need to choose between athletic shoes vs. sneakers. Sneakers are more casual and are more flexible in terms of functionality. You can use them after your workout to hang out with your friends.

Sneakers for women, for example, come in so many colors and design Styles.  Partner them with your favorite jeans or pants suit, and you are set for the evening.

5.   Your Foot Type Matters

Now is the best time to understand the type of foot you have.  There are three typical arch variations, namely low, normal and high arch. The test is really simple to do.  Make your foot wet, and then step on a piece of paper.

Now look at the imprint to determine the arch you have.  If there isn’t too much curve, that is a low arch. You will need supportive posts or midsoles.  If there is a distinct curve, that is normal, and any shoe type will work well for you.

If you notice your toes and heels have a thin connecting band, you have a high arch. The type of shoes you choose requires excellent cushioning without any arch support.

6.   Learn Your Walking or Running Style

Your walking or running style will determine the type of shoes you buy. Experts refer to this as pronation. Technically it is how your foot rolls when you move.

Severe pronation is when you step down with the heel first, then roll inwards. It is typical with people who have a low arch requiring a shoe with motion control and stability.

Neutral pronation is typical for a medium arch. This is when you use the other part of the heel to hit the ground before rolling inwards.  Underpronation occurs on or high arch feet. It is similar to neutral, but you do not roll inwards. Rather, you support yourself by staying on the outer part of the heel.

Take a gait analysis to determine the midfoot support you need. You can find the test in the specialist retail stores.

7.   Try Several Shoes

Athletic shoes types are many. It makes the shopping process fun because you can try on several types. Let’s say you’re shopping for athletics shoes for women. You get tons of varieties that will fit your personal style. Do ask the shop assistants for help. See how the shoes feel once you wear them. Get a proper feel by doing a test run. You want neutrality, motion control and stability.

8.   Determine If You Need Maximum Support

The athletic shoes market has tons of variety. Maximum support shoes are durable, stable and comfortable. They comprise high-density material that stops the midsole from collapsing.

9.   The Weight of the Shoe Matters

Your weight will determine the shoe you buy. if you are heavy, you will need more support. You may also want to buy light shoes if you will wear them for long periods of time.

10.   Know the Best Time to Shop

You are better off shopping for athletic shoes in the evening.  At this time, your foot is slightly bigger because of the natural swelling of the feet during the day.  It ensures you get a shoe that will be comfortable to use at any time of the day.


Choosing the right sneakers or athletic shoes is critical.  You want comfort during your workouts, no matter what your fitness preference is.  Use our tips above the next time you are out shopping.  Also, get advice from specialists if you are not very sure about what to buy.

What has your experience been when buying athletic shoes? Please share them with us in the comments section.