There is a great expression ‘Safety first’, but not all of us think about it in advance, don’t we? Once in a while we see tabloid headlines about an e-cigarette explosion, that had lead to easy injuries and even serious traumas. Such issues might be avoided if you follow simple rules of battery handling. To make you safer, VAWOO team has compiled a list with the useful tips:

  1. Check Your Source
    The most crucial rule is to buy vape online from a specialty shop with a good reputation. The market is flooded with the counterfeits, make sure the products you purchase are authentic. Do not buy used components as you can not know for sure how they were maintained and what to expect from them.
  2. No Defects Are Welcomed
    Check your battery and the whole device for flaws. There should be no dents or holes, etc. Replace the battery immediately, if you see or feel that there is something unusual with it.
  3. Protection
    Do not carry batteries in a pocket with metal objects like keys, coins or jewelry, it can cause a short circuit of the battery, high heat or leakage. The best way to store your batteries is a special plastic battery case. There is no need to keep them in a fridge, they like cool dry place with normal room temperature. And store them out of direct sun or fire.
  4. Proper Charging
    Use the charger designed for your specific device. Other chargers can overcharge the battery. As a result, it would get overheated and can easily explode. And try to remove the cell from your charger as soon as it gets charged.
  5. Keep The Polarity In Mind
    To avoid damaging your mod’s battery, respect the polarities and insert the battery right. Follow the symbols showing plus(+) and minus(-).
  6. Clean Your Cells
    From time to time you need to clean your batteries’ terminals using a dry clean cloth. If doing that regularly your battery will be as good as new.
  7. Battery Replacement
    Take off all the cells from the device simultaneously. For the replacement use the batteries of the same type and size. Do not mix used and new batteries. It may cause leakage or rupture of the cell or property damage. If your battery is loose, immediately remove it from your device.
  8. Be Forearmed
    Read the instructions on the device before installing a battery. Use only cells that are compatible with your device.
  9. Take care of your cells
    Preserve battery lifespan by switching off the appliance and removing the batteries from it when the device isn’t being used for extended period of time. Do not expose batteries to damage, disassembling, crushing or puncturing. Do not recharge your battery if it isn’t marked “rechargeable”. The attempt to recharge a non-rechargeable battery will lead to rupture or leakage.
  10. Storage
    Keep your batteries out of the reach of children. Wrong handling can lead to sad consequences.

These are the simple rules which may keep you and the people around you from getting injured. At Vawoo vape marketplace are gathered best manufacturers and sellers of vaping industry, here you can buy authentic batteries and other vape stuff. Vape discounts uk often take place on the platform, so there is a good chance to save money. Be mindful and take care of yourself!