• Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

(L-R) Tom Greenwood and Mark Wells(L-R) Tom Greenwood and Mark Wells

Ruck Engineering, a leading cleaning equipment supplier in the North East, has partnered with AV Dawson Group to support the company’s ambition to achieve net zero by providing them with cutting-edge zero-emission pressure washers.

Ruck Engineering replaced three diesel machines at AV Dawson’s facilities with three electrically heated MAC Plantmaster Electric Zero Emission hot pressure washers. Each machine was tailored to meet specific requirements, with remote control capabilities implemented to ensure efficient and secure usage.

By tailoring the machines to AV Dawson’s specific requirements, Ruck Engineering has provided the electric equivalent of diesel-powered machines, empowering AV Dawson on their journey to becoming a net zero port without compromising on performance or efficiency.

AV Dawson specialises in logistics handling, and transportation of bulk materials, heavy goods, and oversized cargo, and has committed to transitioning all its operations to net zero. It also owns and operates the Port of Middlesbrough and recently received its first international shipment of 7,000 tonnes of recyclable fuel pellets derived from recycled industrial plastics, heralding a sustainable alternative to coal.

Ruck Engineering, one of the primary suppliers of MAC International’s electrically heated pressure washers, has been instrumental in supporting AV Dawson’s in its eco-friendly endeavours.

The machines are manufactured by Ruck Engineering’s sister company, MAC International which is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of bespoke static pressure washers, with a national network of distributors reselling the MAC range. 

The Darlington-based manufacturer has experienced a 315% growth in zero emission pressure washer sales in the last four years and is now the UK leader in zero emission hot pressure washers.

Tom Greenwood, Sales Director at Ruck Engineering, said: “We are pleased to play our part in helping AV Dawson achieve their green ambitions. 

“Advanced electrical heating elements and sophisticated engineering means that we have been able to bring to market high-performing emission-free pressure washers that are world-class, reliable, and easy to use. 

“The MAC Plantmaster Electric pressure washer is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation and underscores our commitment to a sustainable future for the region’s industrial landscape.”

Mark Wells, Head of Engineering at AV Dawson Group, said: “Our ambition is to be a net zero port, and partnering with Ruck Engineering was a natural choice to help us achieve that goal. 

“Ruck was incredibly helpful throughout the process from demonstration, quotation, cost saving, and supplying us with all the benefits of a zero-emission pressure washer.

“The deployment of machines like the MAC Plantmaster Electric not only provides an immediate solution but also removes our reliance on kerosene, leading to a significant reduction in onsite hydrocarbon emissions.”