We all look to save money when decorating our home or outdoor living area. Here, you will find some ideas to help your wallet feel better!

Well designed landscaping or patio areas can actually increase the value of your home. When looking to add decor, it is better to have a somewhat specific budget in mind. When creating a nice outdoor living space, one can run into some expense, but there actually are some cheaper ways to add some value to your outdoor area, even with a budget!

1. Use flowers and potted plants near the house and in your outdoor living space. This is easy, inexpensive advice that adds flair to your patio and home. If you decide to use pots or planters for the flowers and plants, you can move them around to different areas to create different looks. You can also add flowers that bloom at different times of the year so your outdoor area never goes “dead”, if you will. Incorporate some plants and flowers that also help with keeping mosquitoes and other annoying bugs away. These include marigolds, rosemary, basil, and of course citronella plants.

2. Plant shrubs for that well manicured look year round. Remember to keep them in shape by triming and shaping! Use some shrubs that will flower or and unique foliage.You can use a mixture of summer, fall and spring type shrubs.Consider using small trees as well. Keep them in a planter that you can move or take to a vacation home is you have one. Some trees have gorgeous bloomings and leaf colorings.

3. A popular technique today is using verticle planting options. In orther words, trees, ivy, plants or flowers that will grow upwards. Wisteria is a great fast growing and climbing plant to consider. If you buy the more mature plants, you can save some money as these are usually cheaper. You can use ladders, or walls to add planters on to. Hanging planters are another option. There are many step by step articles online you can resource to give you more ideas and help. Instead of building or having someone build a fence, consider adding hedging in close proximity to provide privacy.

4. Plant some perennials. These last forever, it seems and you do not have to keep replacing them. A one time expense sounds good! You can also plant flowers, plants in window boxes.

5. Landscaping truly adds to your home’s look and value. With stones for walkways, tiny fairy gardens, all will add an impact. You can find multiple items to create a tiny fairly or gnome garden. Small or bigger waterfalls are a great idea. And everyone loves the soothing sound of running water.
Consider the solar powered waterfalls as opposed to electric. It saves money and is much easier to install!
If you have old fencing or sheds, perk it up by painting and adding some spin to it. Use more natural colors in paints. Choose your color scheme carefully.

6. Outdoor kitchens seem to be the rage now, but can prove to be quite expensive. Be creative and think of ways to have basically the same idea for less money. You can create a nice grill area with a sturdy table and a barbecue for table top use. Even a fire pit can be added if you are on a limited budget.

7. Remember lighting! There are so many different ways to use lighting around and in your patio area. You can find inexpensive lines of lights in different shapes and colors to add the spark to your patio. Remember the solar powered items you can use too!

8. Keep it simple to keep it cheap! Curved walls, pathways poured of concrete and other building materials can be very expensive . Simple, straight walls and/or flooring is more economical and tend to look much smoother. There are some more suggestions at fire pits and patio.

9. Landscaping materials can be found rather inexpensively, if you know what to look for. The western red cedar deck is usually cheaper the timber decking and it works the same. You can use stacked stones rather than brickwork. Gravel is one of the cheapest things your can use and put down yourself, easy! You can even use bark to create a solid surface for seating. Paver stones are another inexpensive idea.

10. Consider using recycled material for your outdoor living area. These often look much better and can be purchased at a bargain. Check your local advertising paper or online sales forums. Ebay, Facebook, Freecycle are a few to check.

11. To add some definition to your shrub or flower borders, consider using lawn edging. There are many looks to choose from and you can even get recycled lawn edging. Generally refurbished from plastic or tires.

Get the whole family involved in creating your outdoor living area. It is much cheaper than hiring labor! Have fun and enjoy your finished product!