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14 Ways To Achieve Academic Success: Study Tips From Experts

ByDave Stopher

May 26, 2019 #life

The dream of every student is always to get good grades in any school test, however not every student can get these good results this is because some students adopt poor study skills that lead to their failures. There are so many obstacles in a student’s life that will always contribute to the poor performance this including distractions, mainly from social media, YouTube, and even get lost in the games in their phones.  Most students tend to focus more on achieving excellent results instead of acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge required for them to succeed.  What most students fail to understand is that education is not all about getting good grades, but it’s however a way of them to acquire skills and knowledge that will help them in life. This article, by UK writing service, will major on the tips of how to improve the academic performance of students.

Develop a positive attitude and mindset

A positive attitude is essential since; it helps in developing a positive attitude that is necessary in building one’s courage and confidence and thus enables one to set a course for success. A student should take charge of their attitudes because failing in one exam does not mean that you cannot succeed again. One should not fear to do a new thing out of fear of failure because this will enable one to be doing well in school.

Seek assistance from academic experts

Every teacher understands where their student’s strength and weakness in education is, thus one can seek help from academic experts at https://essaykitchen.net/ so that they can advise you on how the areas you need to put more effort. Teachers can also assist students and tell them ways of how to become a better student.

Avoid sub-vocalizing while reading

Sub-vocalizing while reading slows down the pace at which one is reading. The brain can process more words per minute than the mouth can say it; hence if one is to read and understand well sub-vocalization should stop. In reading, only the crucial points are necessary.

Improve your concentration in class and ask for clarification where necessary

Focus in class is very important; one should stop daydreaming in class or just staring into space as this will reduce the chances of understanding their teachers. Ones thought should always be in class so that instead of just copying what is written on the board you can easily understand it while doing your own private studies.

Tidiness and time management

Keeping your books and study materials in an organized manner enables one to retrieve them when they need to use them efficiently. Thus your study space should always be tidy.  Creating a personal timetable also helps one to create time to study and deal more with the subjects they tend to have more problems in and help you get your grades up.

Do further studies and excellent note-taking skills

During lessons, the note that one takes is usually very summarized as we tend to keep up with the teacher’s pace. Reading this note during a private study may be very difficult as one may find it difficult to make out of some of the points hence it is always essential that one thus further study and update their notes in a way that they can easily understand it and use it during exams.

Practicing proper essay writing techniques

Most students fail to give the correct feedback in essay writing. This poor way of presenting your work makes it difficult for you to boost your grade; hence, more practice is needed. Christopher Mansfield, perfect essay writer from https://perfectessay.com/ said, “One should learn to respond well to feedback and not take them personally.”

Find and understand your best way of study

Students cannot read and easily grasp concepts in the same way. Some are quick to understanding, while others require more time to understand. Knowing which way of study best suits you is critical, some prefer studying individually while some students prefer exploring through discussions in groups of two or more.

Learn the art of skipping to improve your memory

While studying one should not just read everything from a sourcebook like it’s a storybook. It is essential to learn to read the vital things from a book. Thus it will be easier for one to remember them in an exam room. Reading a lot of things can confuse one’s mind and that the brain won’t be able to remember.

Avoid postponing

Procrastination is a terrible habit among students you will get most students saying that ‘my grades are dropping,’ this could be maybe because of keeping bad company or social media. If a student keeps postponing their study time, then their workload becomes very heavy by the time the exams are nearing. Lots of work stresses one out as they have no idea of where to begin. This causes one to want to even cheat in their examinations.

Create time for revision

Revision is essential to every student knows how to do better in school. One-time reading is not enough to understand the concepts well. The chances of failing in exams reduce by doing revisions. A student can buy examination papers from previous years and use them to improve their familiarity with the type of questions asked in exams.

Make studying less stressful

Studying should be something that a student enjoys doing. However, it is hard for studies to become fun if one keeps postponing their studies and leading to them having lots to study. A good student will always make sure to study on time thus making studying fun.

Get extra lessons through private studies

Hiring private tutors can also help in improving grades. It is easier for one to ask questions that they couldn’t ask in class due to fear of what their peers would say about them.

Take part in academic sessions during the summer

The summer school allows one to study well as there no classroom pressure or fear of examinations. With no pressure, it is easy for one to become friendly with their books and thus to make it easy for one to deal with subjects that are hard for them.

It is therefore important for every student who wants to improve their grades to know and understand the various ways to improve academic performance and put them into practice.

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