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2019 Goals: Secure Your Family’s Future

Your future is as important as your present, especially when it involves family. It means you are not just concerned about yourself, but about the people that most matter to you. The choices you make today will definitely affect your future to a great extent. It is, therefore, paramount that one makes wise decisions since they are the key to living a successful future that one can actually enjoy without much of a struggle. This is a perfect goal for this year, which can actually be achieved.

Below are a few tips on how to secure your family’s future:


Savings are important because they provide a solution in case of unexpected events such as illness, enable you to purchase important assets without getting into debt, and are useful during retirement as well as for the inheritance of your children. The most crucial aspect of saving involves setting aside part of your income before spending your money on other things. To increase your chances of saving, you might consider increasing your income, either through getting a new well-paying job or running an income generating project on the side.

Live a debt-free life

The dangers of debt are more as compared to the advantages. One of the dangers is that debt is expensive. More often than not, the amount of interest subjected to this debt is high, which clearly works against you. One important aspect of avoiding debts is cutting off unnecessary expenses. Sometimes you may also need to deny yourself of some luxuries. On this note, beware of mortgages and credit cards.

Credit cards are convenient as opposed to carrying cash around, but with this, it’s hard to determine how much you’ve used, unlike cash. It’s good to use these cards only when direly necessary, especially on budget purchases. Also, it is essential to make sure you pay off these cards every month.

When taking a mortgage, you need to have saved for a while in order to make a large deposit and continue the rest of the payment over a given period of time and at a fast rate. Taking a mortgage without a plan can tie you down to a point where it will be difficult to move on. Worse still mortgage payment could cause someone to live in fear of what could happen in case they lost their job.

Life insurance

One of the best ways to secure the future of your family is by having a life insurance plan to prevent your family from suffering in your absence financially. Death is inevitable and no one has control over it. Nonetheless, your family or beneficiaries will need to get back on their feet in the shortest time possible after its occurrence. This policy can help your family settle your debts like credit cards and finance important areas such as education.

The coverage you need will depend on certain things that include your lifestyle, debts, source of income, and, of course, the number of dependents you have. Also, it is a wise move to revisit your life insurance cover from time to time. Karren Hale from Claybrooke Life Insurance explains that certain life events, like divorce, having children, or changing jobs, require that you check your life insurance policy and make necessary changes. As far as insurance is concerned, keeping your policy updated is the best way to go.

Some of the available life insurance policies include whole life, term life, variable life, and universal life insurance cover. A whole life policy would be way better because it lasts for your entire life, never expires, and the premium doesn’t increase over the life of the policy.

We may not be in control of what might happen in our future and that of our family, but it is always good to secure it. With the above-explained points, your family’s future stands a chance of thriving. It also pays to learn money management skills, which will enable you to avoid spending more money than you earn or spending exactly what you earn. Finance your lifestyle, which includes food, education, clothing, and entertainment according to the set budget to avoid unnecessary spending a lot of your income. Always remember that nothing is a good deal unless you can afford it.