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Fumarii Technologies to Launch New Cloud Platform for Consumers

A venture-backed UK tech start-up, which has developed a revolutionary new cloud platform, is launching early access memberships. When launched, it’s network will help consumers upgrade their computers, saving them the cost of purchasing a new device.

Durham based Fumarii Technologies aims to help individuals and small businesses access digital resources that are typically available only to large firms. From June 18th, it is offering a limited number of memberships to those eager to harness the powerful technology and experience a head start on the competition.

Company founder and CEO, Liam Gill, explains:

Computing is at the core of our society. There is no aspect of society; sports, education, music, childcare, driving; that does not use some form of computers.

We are all familiar however with the problems of computing. How many times have you sat at your computer waiting for something to load? When was the last time you thought you may need a new computer but then realized the prices were just far too high?

The reason computers are so essential to our society is quite simple. One of the basic traits of human beings that separate us from other animals is our ability to use tools. Millions of years ago the first tool we used were rocks. While we first used those to throw at predators and prey, we soon learned to use them to make fires and build homes. Computers are just the latest tool in a long line that we use to allow us to live far beyond the capabilities of our biological form.

Another eternal truth we all know is that anytime a power source exists, someone will aim to control it. Unfortunately, this is the predicament we currently find ourselves in. We live in a world where we are reliant upon technologies controlled by a small few who have already shown that they are willing to do anything to protect their monopolies.

We’ve already seen the biggest computing company in the world admit to purposely decreasing battery lives to force consumers to buy new hardware. It’s no wonder that we always feel as if our technology is letting us down, we are just using their scraps.

In 1984, Apple ran one of the most famous commercials in history. Based upon George Orwell’s 1984 they compared their products to liberating the people from the tyranny of big brother. As is the cycle of life, today we find the roles reversed. Apple has joined big brother and the time has come for a new company to fight for the rights of the consumer.

One of the biggest lies that we as consumers have been sold is that there is some inherent connection between hardware and software. This lie has allowed the technology market to use completely different business models when selling to consumers and businesses. While we are forced to buy new computers for many hundreds or thousands every 3-4 years or have a slow experience, companies just connect to the cloud and buy the computing power they need on demand.

Fumarii Technologies is a company built to ensure that everyone has access to affordable computing. This is one of the most valuable commodities in the world and we need to make it available to all. A kid today who grows up without a computer is way behind their counterparts. Every job needs computing skills and everyone should have access to a computer.

Our company is developing a new software which when downloaded on your computer will allow you to access the same computing resources as large businesses. Our software will instantly boost your processing power, memory and storage. If your computer is slow, we can fix that. If you want to game, we can do that. If you want to edit videos, were your company. If you want to watch videos in high definition, you’ll need us (and some good movies).

Fumarii is also going to work to bring additional features to you. Now that we have made your computer modern and powerful, we can use it to run new technologies like Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. We will also offer the highest level of security with our system being able to provide you with never before seen levels of protection. Forget about VPNs, if you want privacy we can integrate it directly into the core of your computer.

Fumarii Technologies has a grand vision. We are motivated by the knowledge that the problems we are solving are faced by everyone every day. With your support we will be able to ensure that you and I once again are on an equal footing to large corporations, using the same tools to compete in a cutthroat economy.”

Fumarii Technologies is selling Early Access Memberships at www.fumarii.com starting June 18th, 2019. If you’re interested in following them you can follow them on any of their social media or email support@fumarii.com to ask to be added to their email list.