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A GROUP of world-renowned scientists is using the latest research to develop products which can slow down and reverse the ageing process.

Nuchido – taken from the Japanese for “path to long life” – has already attracted international interest for its planned product range, designed to stimulate the body’s own self-repair systems, which diminish with age.

And the resulting products will enable people to regain their youthful looks, feel healthier and be more energetic.

Nuchido’s ground-breaking supplements and skincare are being developed from the recent scientific breakthroughs in rejuvenation and understanding of the ageing process and are now being brought to market by a group of globally-recognised experts.

Laboratory and clinical testing is currently underway, with results that look set to transform both the cosmetic industry’s understanding of the effects of the ageing process and how these effects can realistically be reversed.

Trials have centred around NAD+, a molecule found in all cells that regulates ageing but which decreases over time.

In one of its clinical trials, the company evaluated the effects of a product designed to boost NAD+ levels of older people back to those of a much younger person.

The clinical results showed that NAD+ could be boosted back to levels associated with people approximately 15 years younger, with improved energy and vitality levels to match.

Nuchido is now working on its first set of rejuvenation products, which are scheduled to be available in Spring  2019.

The company has been set up by Dr Nichola Conlon, a molecular biologist specialising in the study of ageing as a biologically complex disorder.

Nuchido’s findings have already been presented to eminent scientists and entrepreneurs from across the globe, who have acknowledged that the company’s breakthrough products will revolutionise the ageing industry.

“There have been four astonishing scientific breakthroughs in the area of ageing research in recent years and it is these breakthroughs – each of which demonstrated real rejuvenation – that are forming the basis of Nuchido supplements and skincare,” said Dr Conlon, Nuchido’s CEO.

“Translating these effects into products which will be readily available means it will be entirely possible for people to regain their youthful appearance and rejuvenate themselves both internally and externally without having to resort to the surgeon’s knife.

“As science has discovered more and more about how and why we age, we have been able to use that information to create products that give unprecedented results.”

The Nuchido founders are also being supported by a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board, made up of globally respected scientists, led by Professor Tom Kirkwood.

Professor Kirkwood is widely regarded as a leading figure in ageing research. A former head of medicine at Newcastle University, he was the UK’s first professor of Biological Gerontology, and led the largest Institute for ageing research in Europe.

Although Nuchido products will not be available until early 2019, people are able to register to be among the first to try them via the website at

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