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£3.6m investment in Gateshead water supplies

Felling mains renewal - smaller

A team of water workers are busy renewing 20km of pipework in areas of Gateshead, to protect customers’ supplies and enhance the network across the area.

Northumbrian Water is investing £3.6m in the work in Felling and Pelaw, which is due to be run until January 2025, with customer service pipes to 2,430 properties also being replaced.

The project will see old cast iron pipes replaced with new, durable plastic piping.

Additionally, the water company and its partner, United Living, are adding extra valves into the network. This will not only help to protect water quality, but also increase the ability to keep more customers’ water flowing in the case of a burst.

During the course of the work, United Living has a dedicated Customer Service Technician working with the team, keeping in regular contact with customers in advance of, and while work is taking place near their properties.

Brian Hardy, Northumbrian Water’s Project Manager, said: “Our investment will ensure customers in Felling and Pelaw continue to receive clean, clear and great tasting tap water, and also enhance our network to make it more resilient, helping protect customers’ supplies.

“Work like this, when we are in a community for a sustained period, and working near homes, inevitably brings the potential for disruption, and we are working closely with customers, with United Living having a dedicated liaison technician on site, to make sure people are kept informed and that there is someone on hand quickly, should they have any concerns.

“We would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding while we carry out this work to improve and protect their supplies.”

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