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3 reasons your business should have an in-house customer service centre

ByDave Stopher

Nov 13, 2021

The huge impact that good customer service has on every business has been neglected for a long time. Many companies have outsourced the whole sector to separate businesses that focus on doing customer service on a large scale, representing several businesses at a time. This has had its advantages, such as being cheaper and, in some cases, more accessible open hours.  

Outsourcing an element of your business that only seems to become more and more important for the consumers, will not keep on being the best solution though. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their possibilities with globalization opening the market for more competitors. This means that consumers are getting higher demands for how easy it should be to get help from customer service. 

This article gives you some reasons why this new trend makes it important for businesses to invest in in-house customer service centres. 

New technology is available 

New technology cuts time spent sorting through customer requests. Organizing several different queries, coming from several different platforms can be a lot of work, which takes time to do manually. Workflow management software has however been developed, which helps with this exact task.  

The program can recognize what department a request should go to, meaning you no longer need personnel to organize and forward requests to the proper department to take care of the request. This saves a lot of time for your company. 

Outsourcing may not be as cheap as many think 

Many businesses have, as mentioned, chosen to outsource customer service or production to other countries where labor is cheaper. But cheaper is not always better. If you could sell 100 times more if you had your products made in a country where labor is expensive, rather than producing a product of bad quality but saving on production costs, the decision would probably be easy for many. 

The same goes for customer service, as cheap labor is cheap for a reason. If your customers’ requests are not fulfilled by your customer service department, you could lose customers. This can amount to great expenses in the long run, as getting new clients is much more expensive than keeping existing clients. 

Have people from your company represent your company 

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your company gives the best service to your customers is to have well trained staff. When you have your customer service department in-house, you will be able to coach, monitor and motivate them to do their work properly and be passionate about it.  

Being employed in the company that you work for is also proven to be a motivational factor, as they feel more part of the company and identify themselves with the work more. They are now employees of your company, and as customer service employees, they are the voice of your company, making their job very important.  

Additionally, having your customer service center close to you, gives you more control. This makes you able to react faster and safer in unexpected situations and moments of chaos.