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3 Ways to Optimise Your Outbound Sales Team


May 25, 2022

Like every other business, the sales industry is constantly evolving. However, outbound sales are still highly useful for generating sales leads, getting direct feedback, and controlling the pace of your marketing and selling activity. But if you’re still doing outbound sales the way you did a decade ago, it’s time to update.

Are you wondering where you should start with your new campaign to modernise your team? Continue reading below for advice on three ways to optimise your outbound sales team.

1. Automation Is Your Ally

Nothing has been able to completely replace the significance that actual humans provide for a business. However, automated sales operations have been able to improve their efficiency. Using an auto dialer lets your staff spend less time calling and waiting for busy tones and more time creating and maintaining client connections.

An auto dialer is an outbound call centre system that calls client phone numbers automatically and gives essential information via an automated message. After the call is answered, it can also connect a consumer to a live person.

An advantage of auto dialers is that they may be easily linked with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Because of the connection, the program will not only identify but also eliminate unproductive numbers based on current customer data.

Automating your outbound sales calls will relieve your team of stress and streamline some of the processes. Let the machines handle what they do well, and let your salespeople focus on what machines can’t replace.

2. Prioritise the Prospect

Your future clients are usually aware when you are attempting to offer them something, but 87%don’t believe salespeople understand their needs. They are frequently, and rightly, hesitant to part with their money with this lack of confidence. Your sales team must be skilled in consultative selling to generate outbound sales.

Change the way you present the benefits of your product or service. Instead of focusing on the product’s or service’s qualities, consider how it may benefit your prospects. Representatives should be able to walk a consumer through their journey, acting as a source of advice and direction rather than pushing things on a client who isn’t a suitable fit.

To build long-term connections with consumers and differentiate yourself from the competition, your team should consistently prioritise the prospect’s requirements.

3. Don’t Rely on Just One Method of Connection

There are more methods than ever before to connect with people nowadays. The multiple channels at our disposal enable salespeople to contact prospects in many ways. As your team builds a typical sales cycle, including a mix of phone, email, and social media touches, merging these mediums into a multi-channel, multi-touch approach increases the likelihood of a connection.

Overlooking the potential of social media is one of the most common mistakes of outbound efforts, and the evidence is in the numbers. According to studies, 78% of sellers who use social media outsell their colleagues who do not utilise the platforms. You can use social media sites to acquire relevant prospect information. There are many ways to connect with your potential clients; all you have to do is get creative.

Bringing Efficiency to Your Team

One of the most common mistakes companies make when developing their inbound sales and marketing strategy is neglecting their outbound program. Implementing these three methods will significantly impact how you develop an effective, scalable outbound sales business.

Whether it’s automating your prospecting calls, switching up your sales strategies, or using multiple methods of reaching out to potential clients, outbound sales is a chance to create relationships while engaging and educating prospects through meaningful conversations.

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