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4 best things to do when you visit Crestview, Florida

Planning a trip to Florida? Do not forget to visit the Icebox of the county i.e. Crestview. It has got this tag because the temperature of Crestview is usually colder than the average temperature of the state. If you love to explore the greens and serene locations then you can do a lot of things in Crestview. It is one of the largest cities in the Okaloosa county as well as it is also known for being a hub city of the state. If you are visiting Crestview anytime soon then consider these things to do in there:

Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoo

One of the best places to visit in the Crestview is this independent zoo i.e. Emerald Coast. Spread in the area of 4 hectares, this zoo attracts a major number of tourists not just in the country but also the state.  It has more than a hundred animals from 35 species which not only adults but kids also would love to see. This zoo is run by a non-profit organization and it is also popular because most of the animals in it are rescued. You can spend an entire day at this place as there are a lot of options to interact with animals like camel ride, feeding birds and pet sloths. You can get more information about the park from any good travel website like Travelazzi.

Visit distilleries and vineyards  

Do you love to taste fresh whiskey, wine or beer then Crestview is one the best places in Florida for you. You can get a lot of distilleries and vineyards where you can taste the authentic taste of your favorite drinks. You can Google the nearby distilleries or vineyards from your place and check out the different flavors of wine, whiskey and beer. You can visit any family-run business who offers tours and you can also grab some souvenir for your family or friends.

Restaurants of Crestview

It is obvious that you will be visiting one or the other eateries when you will get hungry but if you want to explore the essence of this amazing city then you should try as many restaurants as you can. The restaurants of the Crestview are like the most soothing places to get a closer view at their culture. You can pick the alcohol-free restaurants run by families where they play cultural music and serve the authentic dishes of the city. Some of these restaurants are decorated or themed on the cultural influences of the history and art of the city.

Hit the main street

You can start the exploration or end your day by visiting the Main Street. It is a good place to get to know about the city’s main area where you can find a lot of shops and other stores. You can also try delicious cuisines at the popular restaurants of Main Street. However, one of the main attractions of Main Street is its antique shops where you can buy artifacts, jewelries, etc. Roam around the street and explore the places while having fun with the appreciable beauty of Crestview.


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