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4 Biggest Differences Between Jackpot and Regular Slots

The number of slot games you can play in an online casino is immense. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to themes, software providers, and the gameplay. You can choose between classic slot games with three reels and fruit-related themes and modern slot games with five or more reels and impressive graphics.

Another choice that you can make is between jackpot slots and regular slots. Also, with a little bit of searching on the web, you can even play a free online slot or a regular slot.

A lot of people have a hard time deciding which one of these types of slots they should choose. There are some significant differences when it comes to payouts and game mechanics between jackpot and regular slots that you should know about before playing one or the other. Let’s learn more about them.

Maximum Payout vs Progressive Payout

The main difference between jackpot slots and regular slots is regarding payouts. Jackpot slots are also known as progressive slots because their payout ‘progresses’ or grows. On the other hand, regular slots have a maximum payout which does not change no matter what.

The amount you win when playing a regular slot depends on the size of your bet which is then multiplied a certain number of times. When playing a jackpot slot with a progressive payout, the amount you can potentially win will keep growing as you and other players bet on that certain game.

Potential Size of Wins

The amount you can win while playing regular slot games is capped, which means that the amount you can win by playing these types of games is smaller than the one you can win by playing jackpot games. For example, if the maximum amount you can bet is 50 coins and the maximum payout is 500x, the largest amount you can win is 25,000 coins.

On the other hand, jackpot slots offer a chance for much higher wins. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can win hundreds or even millions of dollars in a single win. But don’t think that’s easy or that it happens often. That’s exactly the point of jackpot slots — the reward grows as more and more people try to get it.

The Price of Playing

Playing regular slots and jackpot slots does not cost the same. Since jackpot slots offer a chance to win a much larger amount, they are also more expensive to play. Therefore, that’s another significant difference between these two slot variations.

So, when choosing which slot game to play, you should consider how much money you are willing to invest. If you like playing with smaller bets for a longer period of time, regular slots are a better choice. But if you are a high-roller and you prefer betting higher sums over a short period of time, you should go for progressive slots.

The Chances of Winning

The chance of winning over a longer stretch is another big difference that you should consider when choosing between regular slots and jackpot slots. Your odds of getting some money back when playing a regular slot game are higher compared to playing a jackpot slot game. Therefore, we could say that jackpot slots are high-variance games.

But even though regular slots will pay more frequently, they will pay less over a longer period of time. Thus, you should take into account how much time and money you are willing to invest in a slot game before choosing which one you will play.

Which Type Is Better for You?

When the time comes to choose between a regular slot and a jackpot slot, think about the style of gameplay that you prefer.

Do you want to play a game that is more relaxing and involves less risk-taking? In that case, you should go for a regular slot game. If you like playing slots because they are fun and you love exploring the variety of themes, regular slots will provide you with the right environment.

But if you like taking risks and playing with higher amounts of money, then you should definitely choose a jackpot slot game. These also come in different shapes and colours, inspired by a variety of themes, so it’s not likely that you will get bored with them.

Finally, as long as you’re playing to have fun and you’re not taking slots too seriously, you can’t go wrong even if you play both from time to time.