With time, concrete flooring tends to divulge a little more than it should. To avoid further worsening, many agencies think about protective coatings. If you have a concrete floor, which is starting to present age, consider the following four factors that can help you with understanding the scope of your project, and to make sure you obtain the most extended possible life from your new coating. If you don’t remove soda right away, you might end up making the spill worse. Sticky soda will attract dirt, hair, animal fur and dust creating one ugly mess. If you own a carpet, it would be a good idea to learn how to prevent soda stains on your carpet and how to get dried soda stains out of the carpet as well.  

Consider The Activity In Your Area

Do you require a slip-resistant coating? Will steel-wheeled carts or forklifts be driving over the area? How cold is the area when it is used or when it is not in use? All these characteristics: traffic, temperature (operational and room temperature), as well as exposure, play an integral part in the kind of coating that must be considered. This will permit you to choose the appropriate products, thickness, as well as a method of application to accommodate the unique environment.

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What Is The Current Condition Of The Concrete?

To evaluate the degree of corrosion that you have in your space, you can look at these:

Smooth concrete – it has no noticeable aggregate showing, but it may present small cracks.

Small aggregate – some rock may be present.

Large aggregate – large rock is visible.

For optimal results, the areas with small or large aggregate and cracks exposed should be prefilled prior to an epoxy flooring coating system application. It may necessitate additional material and time; however, appropriate preparation will result in a longer coating life.

When Will The Area Be Available For Some Downtime?

You will require time to carry out surface preparations, installation of a coating, and the cure time. Attempt to plan the installation for a time, which is convenient, allowing the coating with adequate time to cure. The longer the application has cured, the more durable and resilient it will become. Speak to the installer about the most convenient time for you. Coatings can be installed in the week if the area can be closed off or shut down during that time, during weekends, planned shutdowns, or during the holiday.

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Make Sure The Floor Is Draining Appropriately

If you notice new drains or puddles, now would be the time to take care of the issue. An excellent installer can pitch or build up the floor to ensure appropriate drainage as well as remedy any probable slip and fall sections. Often once an installer notices the floor initially, it is completely dry. Make sure you point out or mark the areas.


All the things mentioned above are crucial to consider when you are preparing the floor to be resurfaced. However, one of the most vital considerations would be hiring the best team for the job. Surface preparation, appropriate coating selection as well as expert installation, are paramount factors to safeguard a long-lasting floor. Make sure you select an installer that has years of experience as well as references to back it up.