The way farming is currently done is having a significant impact on Earth, and all living animals and overall health. In order to meet the high demand of the population, farmers had to find ways to increase productivity massively. These methods often mean that animals are poorly raised and animal welfare guidelines are overlooked. Although this means everybody gets food, it also means that the quality of the food we are eating is very poor.

There still exist, however, many farmers that stick to free roaming raising of animals. This means that the animals are fed grass, and live freely in a farm rather than in small cages. They also take the welfare of these animals very seriously.

In this article, we will provide you with four reasons why you should choose free roaming beef.

1. It Tastes Great

The very first reason to choose free roaming beef is the taste. Free roaming animals are fed the appropriate nutrients they require, rather than being fed hormones or solely corn and grains in order to grow a lot at a fast rate.

When animals are given a good diet, it will make a massive difference to the taste of the food. Beef from different cuts will have distinctive flavours and should not need great amounts of seasoning in order to taste amazing. Most people would agree that most beef that is created in a feedlot would taste pretty much the same.

The best way to ensure your beef is organic and free roaming, you should go to a butcher or check for labels in the supermarket to guarantee you are buying the best meat – you can even buy meat online from local farmers nowadays, as many promote their business via their own websites, similarly to how folks at do it. This way you can inform yourself of where the meat is coming from and how the animals were treated before arriving to you ready to be cooked and eaten.

2. It is Better for You

We are all aware that being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle requires a healthy and balanced diet. We all choose what we put on our plates, however oftentimes we may be oblivious to how some animal food such as beef may not be as healthy as we think solely because of how the animals were grown.

When animals are mass-produced in order to meet the high demands, they are often given growth hormones in order to grow larger and quicker, they can also contain pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics.

This means that these animals do not always provide the best meat for human beings, hence why the price is usually much lower than the meat of free roaming animals. When cattle are grass fed the meat is much leaner, higher in omega 3 and vitamin E as well as many other nutrients required to human beings’ balanced diet that contribute to overall health.

3. It is Better for the World

Raising animals in a feedlot has detrimental effects on the overall health of the planet. The way creatures are transported and kept in very small spaces results in serious localised pollution issues. Free roaming farming is a healthier choice for Earth as a reduced amount of emissions are emitted by vehicles as there is no requirement to transport thousands of tonnes of grains for feed.

Secondly, approaches like rotational grazing enables grass to recover and grow back as grass fed creatures deposit minerals back into the soil in the form of fertilizer.  Free roaming agriculture does not use herbicides or pesticides, allowing for many species of wildlife to thrive in the land.

4. It is Better for the Animals

As mentioned previously, modern ways of farming have high levels of demand for products, therefore they had to adapt new ways of quickly meeting these to make sure the population is fed.

These methods do not take animal welfare into consideration and animals are often confined to very small and overcrowded places with restricted and specific diets. As you can imagine, this will create a lot of stress on the animals, as they are simply treated as a product rather than as a living creature.

Free-roaming agriculture provides a much better lifestyle for the animals and is also much more ethical as it takes animal welfare seriously. Animals are able to walk freely in their natural habitat for the duration of their lifetime, and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight and with very minimal contact with people. This will, in turn, create much healthier and less stressed animals significantly increasing the quality of the meat.

Although current agriculture exists as a way to reduce world hunger, it is important to understand that the quality of this practice is not the best choice for our health and the planet’s. Considering the reasons provided in this article, we hope you have gained a better understanding of your beef and why choosing free-roaming should be top priority.